Olympic 2013 Mercury Hurdles!!

wanting a sweat?come hurdle on mercury!!


Come join us now and hurdle on mercury! Bring light clothes and keep hydrated because its 660 degrees Fahrenheit! Water is provided before and after race because there is little water. Make sure you say bye to you family before you leave because it takes 48 million miles to get back to earth. We will provide oxygen tanks because their is only 0.13% oxygen on mercury. You will be hurdling on 1,516 miles(2,440 km) of rock. If your family wants to watch you hurdle they can see you hurdle but only on the horizon in dawn or twilight.

Times of events:

8:30am-9:30:check in

10:00am:10-14 age group

10:45am:15-18 age group

11:00am:19-25 age group

12:45pm:26-30 age group

1:00pm:31-35 age group

1:45pm:36-40 age group

2:00pm:41-45 age group

Awards for all ages

Olympic Mercury Hurdles

Wednesday, Aug. 7th 2013 at 10am


Hurdles on mercury

Men's 110M Hurdles Slow Motion.wmv