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April 28th, 2017

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A different kind of countdown...

We are in the home stretch!

We are coming into our last month with our students. It always seems like the time of year passes so fast. Only One. Month. Left now.

Please keep in mind as you are planning out your well deserved summer breaks and are so eager to check this year off in your career as another successful opportunity to impact students, that we do still have 18 days to go.

I'm taking advice from another Principal that we look at our countdown differently during these last 18 days. I want us to think of all the amazing things we can accomplish with our kiddos over the next 18 days. What are the awesome things you will do with your class for the remainder of the year? Do you have students that you don't have the best connection with? Well you have 18 days to work on that connection. Do you have some students who love math and are eager for new challenges? Now is the time! You have 18 days to keep the enthusiasm and learning going! Do you have students who still need reminders about making good choices and showing the VBE VIBE? Good news, you have 18 days to help them learn how to regulate themselves and build more self-control. Create a VIBE competition and find ways to utilize Positive Behavior Support to showcase students who are doing great at following our mantra.

Yes, we are counting down- but we need to make sure every single minute counts.

Every single second we have can impact our students greatly.


Lights, Camera, APPRECIATION! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Be on the lookout for daily video montages to show how much you are loved!

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Double nomination for Mr. Lubin!!! #vbevip

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May iReady Diagnostics

The final iReady diagnostic assessments begin on Monday. Please remind students of the importance of these tests and review your expectations for testing. Another copy of the iReady testing script and testing schedule was placed in your mailbox this past week. It can also be found in the Wigwam. Please remember to bring paper, pencil and headphones to ensure our students have the necessary tools to Show What They Know. Just a reminder the students should not be using the Calculator available on the computer on the math test.

Can't wait to see the gains from the Winter to the Spring Diagnostic!!

Julie Green emailed many resources to: prepare students for the diagnostic, poster with important tips for students to remember while taking the assessment, I-Ready Report Reminders, and Additional Resources available in I-Ready Central.

The I-Ready Diagnostic Checklist for Teachers ensures that you are maximizing I-Ready to achieve the greatest possible impact for your students.

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The assessment calendar for this week is below. Please transition through building 2 and 3 quietly while students test!

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Updates from Ms. Fred


Our last day of RtI will be on May 5.

Please ensure that you have all data collected and attendance forms complete and the RtI binders returned to me by May 12 with your name attached. You may also turn in any ORF and MAZE binders that you have, but please place a sticky with your name on it so that I know who has returned them to me. Sonday kits may also be returned to me.


If you do not have current Running Record data, please take the time next week to complete this data so that I am able to document the growth through our LLI program. Please complete the RR Data Charts and send to me either by E-mail or place in my box.

If you have been working in an LLI Kit...it is your responsibility to collect any materials that you have used and return and file in the appropriate kits with the correct labeling on them. If you have a manual that was copied, please return that to me. All original manuals should be stored in Box 1 of the perspective kit.

I will be sending out the decision as to where all the Kits will be stored over the summer in a future Principal Press.


Monday, May 1 is our official last meeting on students. If you still have concerns about a specific student, please copy all current data with a review summary of your concern and place in my box so that I can add them to the list for the beginning of next year. Be sure to indicate your concerns for the next year's teacher so that we have an early jump on these students.


Every single classroom is equipped at VBE with Smart board Technology.

We would LOVE to build efficacy in embedding SMART board activities, tasks, games, and simulations into our Units of Study, best part is... they are already made!

The District is looking to find new LEADERS in the technology and would like each school to pick 3 to be trained on June 19th and 20th. The training would be PAID too.

If you are interested in becoming a LEADER in SMART BOARD TECHNOLOGY- Please email Administration.

Also- We will be building on our Tier- one smart board integration through VBE as well. Please join us May 17th in Computer Lab 1 during your planning as Ms. Julie Green starts our training.

We will be planning on a monthly morning SMART board training next year. WOO HOO!

End of Year Awards and Closing Ceremony

Last year, we followed tradition with a closing ceremony at VBE. We would like to keep this going on May 24th. We will be doing a ceremony to celebrate the ending of a successful school year. If you would like to help plan our closing ceremony, please join us at the Grade Chair Meeting next Friday, May 5th at 7:45 in the Media Center. Otherwise, grade chairs will share out the information with the team later that day during planning.

End of Year Awards-

We have sent out a Google Doc to Grade Chairs. They will be selecting a date at the end of the year for our Grade level awards. Kindergarten and 5th Grade have already selected their days and times. We will make a school wide invitation from the print shop so parents will be informed of all the graduation and awards ceremonies at one time!!!


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Family Events for 2017-2018

Some teachers have suggested that there were just too many events this year, we hear you!!! We've heard your feedback and have started to plan for what YOU want.

Here is a very tentative family outreach plan for night activities at VBE.

Please submit any feedback that you have as we want this to be a tribe decision.

2017-2018 Instructional Calendar

August 31st

Movie Night (tentative open house)

October 26th

Fall Festival-

Pumpkin decorating contest, spooky scary story, trunk or treat, dance, dinner, face painting

December 14th

Winter Wonderland- Multi-cultural night

Holidays around the World

March 8th

Slide into Innovation and Talent Show

Join us May 9th from 4:15-5:15 for the Moonshot Academy Showcase!!!

Check out the video below by Anne Smith!