Muscular System

By: Sara Baker


  • The main function is movement
  • Posture, so that you can stand up right
  • Hold bones and joints in place
  • Circulates blood throughout the body

Types of Muscles:

Skeletal, cardiac and smooth(visceral) are the types of muscles


- Found in limbs

-Striated and multi-nucleated



- Found in heart

- Striated

- 1 nucleus



- Found in viscera

- Not striated

- 1 nucleus

- involuntary

Response Type:

Slow twitch:

Contracts slowly but keeps moving for a long time

Fast Twitch:

Contracts fast but gets tired quickly

Types of movements:

  • Inversion- turn sole of foot medially
  • Eversion- turn sole of foot laterally
  • Pronation- palm facing down
  • Supination- palm facing up
  • Opposition- thumb touches tips of fingers on the same hand

Interesting facts

  • There are 650 muscles in the human body
  • There are 6 forearm muscles