The Dream Team

9/15/16 Weekly Memo 10

Table of Contents

  1. Middle School Priorities
  2. A Message from the Coach
  3. Jump
  4. Week at a Glance
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Good Things
  7. Become a High School Scholar's MYP Project Supervisor!
  8. Hampton MS ISR
  9. Literacy and SEL
  10. $500 Grant Opportunity

Middle School Priorities

A Message From the Coach

Hello There!

Another week has just about come to a close and we made it!! Whoooo-hoooo!!! I am so excited to end another week with the hardest working staff on the planet! I am thrilled to announce that we have an opportunity to add an additional math teacher to our team. It is without a doubt that I believe that positive things happen for our team because we continue to stay the course and because we are relentless in our pursuit to make HP middle the best school in the country. It is without fail that the result of hardwork pays off, in many ways and people continue to notice.

I am excited to continue through the year with each of you- knowing that your persistence, work ethic, and tenacity will continue to push our scholars and our school to the next level! It gives me chills because we are about to make history! I believe it! I hope you do too.

The Dream Team Will Fight!




Week At A Glance

Monday, September 19th: A Day

Business Professional Uplift Annual Photo-shoot (Wear your Hampton Polo and dark bottoms)

Morning Meeting at 7:22am in the library

Lesson Plans due to your coach and Mr. Houston by 5pm for the next week

Iwule Out

Tuesday, September 20th: B Day

Grades Close at 8am

Business Casual

Morning Meeting at 7:22am in the library

Science and Tech Night 5pm-7pm

Wednesday, September 21st: A Day

Progress Reports Go Home

Phoenix Nation Shirt with Jeans or Uplift 5yr/10yr shirt with Jeans :)

Morning Meeting at 7:22am in the library

7th Grade Family TIme

Last Day to Collect Can Foods

Staff Appreciation Celebration at Desoto Lanes

Moutry Out

Thursday, September 22nd: B Day

Business Casual

Morning Meeting at 7:22am in the library

Moutry Out

Friday, September 23rd: A Day

Business Casual

Morning Meeting at 7:22am in the library

MAP Window Closes

Moutry Out

Fluker Out

Put this On Your Radar...

Thursday, September 1st until the 22nd

Chocolate Mint Can Food House Competition

  • As a HP Campus, we are partnering with the Chocolate Mint to create food baskets for the less fortunate. I am asking that each house participates for this 21 day can food drive.
  • Have your scholars bring in can foods- keep count of what you have- the house with the greatest number of can foods collectively will win a pizza party!

Monday, September 26th

CA 1 Testing Begins

Tuesday, September 27th

Wednesday, September 28th

6th Grade Family TIme

Wilson Out

Thursday, September 29th

Pietroboni Out

Friday, September 30th

Pietroboni Out

Monday, October 3rd

Go Blue Against Bullying

Wednesday, October 5th

Stomp Out Bullying Assembly

Thursday, October 6th

Golledge Out

Friday, October 7th

CA 1 Collaboration Day

Golledge Out

Monday, October 10th

Golledge Out

Saturday, October 15th

ESL Certification Prep Course

Monday, October 17th

Stand Up for Others Week

Tuesday, October 18th

Math and PE Night 5pm-7pm

Thursday, October 20th

Golledge Out ISR at Williams

Friday, October 21st

R. Thomas Out

Saturday, October 22nd

Parent University 10am-2pm

Monday, October 24th

Red Ribbon Week

Twin out against drug day

Tuesday, October 25th

Super Heros defends drugs day

Wednesday, October 26th

Report Card Conferences

Red shirts for Red Ribbon Week Day

Thursday, October 27th

Golledge Out

Silly Socks Against Drugs Day

Friday, October 28th

Golledge Out

Black out Against Drugs Day

Good Things...

Mrs. Parks says...

Shout out to Mr. Kelley for being all about team work!

Shout out to Ms. Pietroboni, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Moutry, Ms. Golledge, and Mr. Houston for attending the townhall meeting on Tuesday!

Shout out to Ms. Harris for impressive CFUs in her class!

Shout out to Ms. Prince for holding scholars to high expectations!

Shout out to Ms. Golledge for continuing to be push through adversity!

Shout out to Ms. Arellano for beasting on MAP!

Ms. Iwule says…

Shoutout to the 8th grade team for keeping discipline on lock! All hands are on deck at all times and because of that we have yet to have any scholars with serious discipline infractions. Keep it up team!

Shoutout to Golledge and Fluker for being the best after-school snack selling partners in crime ever!

Shoutout to the Hampton Hard Hitters!

Shoutout to the house of EFFORT!

Become a High School Scholar's MYP Project Supervisor! A Message from Mr. Cooper...

Want to see what 10th graders have learned in the MYP program? Want to help a scholar create something that will show their interests and influence the world? You can do all of this and more!

We need your help to supervise 10th grade scholars as they embark on their Personal Project. They need a supervisor to help them envision their product, keep them on a timely schedule to complete it, and support them with encouragement and challenges. This would be a monthly commitment to meet with this scholar; a commitment to attend two training sessions and one grading session given by the Personal Project Coordinator, Lauren Thompson; and a commitment to inspire a scholar to fully realize their potential to change the world. We have over 70 scholars who need a supervisor and to fulfill our obligation as an IB world school. Please let your campus director know by September 23, 2016 if you can participate.

Internal School Review Blackout Day November 7th

ISR: We will host our Internal School Review (ISR) on Monday, November 7th, and we are excited to get feedback from a diverse group of leaders in our network. This is a great learning opportunity for our school and for the ISR team participants. Below are details about the process so that you know what to expect:

  1. What is the purpose of the ISR? Central to the ISR is an approach to professional development grounded in self-reflection and assessment, observation and feedback, and peer mentoring and problem-solving. The ISR process allows leaders in all capacities across the network to engage in team problem solving and provide valuable feedback to Campus Leadership Teams.
  2. Who is on the ISR team? Campus Directors host an ISR team comprised of leaders across the network (e.g. Managing Directors, Campus Directors, Uplift administration, Deans, Curriculum Coordinators, Instructional Coaches, Content Teacher Leaders), peer partners (local charter schools), representatives from key programs (e.g. IB, TFA, Teaching Excellence), and consultants acting as process observers.
  3. How should I prepare for the ISR? Teach and plan a regular lesson like you would do on any other day. The ISR team will need to see an authentic lesson to get an accurate snapshot of the instructional day. You will need to print your lesson plans for the day of the ISR and post them in a visible location in your room.
  4. o What should I do during the ISR? You will not need to make significant changes to your day. You should plan on attending any regularly scheduled meetings, teaching typical lessons, and completing your normal duties, unless notified by someone on the Leadership Team.

Literacy and SEL


Our goal for literacy is for scholars to gain/have...

  • The ability to read text accurately and fluently
  • Enough background knowledge and vocabulary to make sense of the content
  • The knowledge and skills in using reading strategies that improve understanding or repair it when it breaks down
  • The ability to think and reason about the information and concepts in the text
  • Motivation to understand and learn from text
Doing so will increase our scholars' levels of comprehension and desire to read.


Our goal for social & emotional learning is for scholars to...

  • Be able to self-regulate their emotions
  • Understand themselves and what pushes them
  • Become intrinsically motivated to do what is best for themselves
  • Develop grit, perseverance, tenacity, and determination
  • Feel a sense of belonging in school and in various aspects of their live

Doing so will ensure that scholars are able to thrive in any environment in which they are placed. We understand that many middle-schoolers lack impulse control and we also understand that the lack of self-control can have far-reaching impact that we do not want our scholars to face. So we have set parameters that provide scholars with clear expectations, avenues to talk about their feelings, and a space to model self-control.


Please visit link below for $500 Teacher Grant opportunity for Uplift Education District educators.

Interested in winning $500 for your classroom?® is looking for the best lesson plans for teaching students about energy or sustainability.

Now it's your turn to create a lesson plan for our second annual Teacher Grant that can help kids learn about energy. We encourage lesson plans that vary in scope and topic, and you're welcome to cite any helpful information you find on the Learning Center. All lessons must check off every requirement on the list below to be considered.

Encompass energy and/or sustainability knowledge.

Be appropriate for a grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Include goals and how you plan to measure students’ understanding.

Include a fully detailed description of the lesson plan, handouts, etc., with a list of all materials needed.

Be created by one teacher without use of existing prepared educational materials outside of those available on

Encourage student development through participation opportunities.

The deadline for the submission is October 21, 2016.