Course Introduction

Mandarin Chinese I

How The Course Is Organized

This course is divided into 4 modules. Each module is comprised of a module overview, lessons, and a LinguaFolio Assignment.

Module Overview

This section provides you with an overview of the module topics, what you should learn, and the assignments that will be due.

LinguaFolio Assignment

LinguaFolio documents provide you with an opportunity to record your reflections on your learning. You will need to download the documents to your computer and submit it as part of your grades. In this document, you will discuss your observations, thoughts, and opinions related to the lessons you've learned.

Sections of Each Lesson

Pinyin Foundation Lessons

Throughout the course, you will learn the fundamentals of Chinese pronunciation. To assist you, we will take advantage of a system that uses the Roman alphabet to introduce the sounds of Chinese. This system is called Pinyin. In order to speak Chinese correctly, it is important to understand the use of initials, finals and tones used in Chinese. In the beginning sections of the course, you will be introduced to several lessons called Pinyin Foundation.

Audio will be provided to assist you master these sounds. Also, you will practice them at your coaching sessions.

Main Stage

This is always the first section. There is a video for each lesson, the Chinese text, and a translation of the conversation that takes place in the video. You will need to practice speaking and make a recording as your assignment for each lesson.

Vocabulary List

You will need to study these new words, and make sure you can pronounce them. You can use online flash cards I provided for you and study them at your own pace.

Grammar Notes

This section has grammar rules, examples, and sentence practice along with audio. You will see more instructions at the Announcement each day. Also, at the beginning of each lesson, I will provide a short checking your understanding practice for you to self assess your learning.

Cultural Notes

This section provides Information about the culture related to the topic of the lesson. We will have class discussion throughout the lesson on the cultural notes at the Discussion Board. Once you complete the cultural notes sections, you are usually asked to post your thoughts or what you have learned to the Discussion Board.

Lesson Discussion

Lesson discussions will be conducted in English and will focus on the topics of the lesson. It takes place on the Discussion Board. Discussions may span two lessons. Active participation is expected. Your discussion posting should show your effort and hit the points.

Coaching Sessions

Each week you will meet with a language coach. The attendance is mandatory and active participation is expected and. You will be graded by your conversation teacher each month.


Assignments are all located in one place and with the due date lighted. You should do your best to meet the deadlines of each assignment.

What You Need for This Course

1. A computer

2. Headset with a microphone

3. A USB or any device you can store data

Take Your Time

The best advantage of taking online courses is that the courses are always there for you. No matter you take it at school or at home. Just follow the schedule I provide for you, you can take this course at your own pace and the comfort of your home.