Tuesday Tech Tips

December 9, 2014

In This Issue - Shareable iPad Apps and Websites, Lapse It Video App, Kidblog, Legally Downloading Photos, and Tech Table Talks.

iPad Apps and Websites with Shareable URL Links

This is a “list in progress” of apps and websites that students may use in the classroom which give a shareable URL of projects created. Why is this important to have a shareable URL? Just as a student would turn in a paper assignment for a grade, students need to be graded on projects and items completed on an iPad. I have seen many teachers take home all student iPads on the weekends to grade specific projects in specific apps. Now that many students have gone 1:1 and digital, it is time that teachers go digital as well. As students complete projects, there are some apps that allow students to share a URL link of their project to their teacher. This is very helpful as these URL links can be turned into the teacher for grading.

Click here to access a Google Doc that lists about 30 apps that provide students with a shareable URL. It also highlights ways students can get that URL turned into their teacher. This document also has websites that give a shareable URL of completed work for those districts that do not use iPad devices.

Lapse It Video App

A time lapse is a photography technique where pictures of the same object are taken repeatedly over an extended period of time. These pictures are then put together to create a video. Time lapses are neat because the blooming of a flower, clouds moving across the sky, or plants growing can be viewed in a matter of seconds instead of hours. Check out a time lapse from outside my office window by clicking here, or view it below.

There are many apps to use out there, but I have found that Lapse is a very simple app to use. It has a free version that supports 480P resolution and the paid for app ($1.99) provides 1080P resolution.

How to apply to education?

Students love to watch videos and, even better, they love to create them. Using this app in the classroom would allow teachers/students to show the hatching of eggs, the growing of plants, the progression of a painting taking place, categorizing clouds as they move across the sky, traffic patterns, etc. There are also many time lapse videos already created to show the beauty of nature that may fit right in your curriculum. Check out some of these videos: Icebreaker Ship, International Space Station, or the Night's Sky.

HISD Time Lapse

How to get FREE images off the web....... Legally!

We all know that getting photos off Google is a copyright infringement, but that doesn't seem to slow us down when getting pictures for various projects. As the digital world is starting to become more prevalent in our schools and classrooms, we need to teach our students the correct way to obtain photos from the Internet. Here are a few sites that allow users to get images and use them legally:

  • Photos For Class - Search for photos and download them on your computer or tablet. All images are already cited and have the Creative Commons licenses for school use. This is probably the best site to use.
  • Pixabay - Search for photos and download them on your computer or tablet. Before downloading, it will ask for a three digit code that you have to read off the screen and type in. This site also has Shutterstock images mixed in which cost money to download.
  • Openclipart - Browse 60,000+ clipart images and download/use them for free.
  • Thenounproject - Create a free account to have access to black and white clip art images.
  • Pics4Learning - Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting.


Kidblog is a great way to get your students publishing on the web. This tool has over five million K-12 students blogging around the world. This site is simple for teachers to manage and easy for students to blog. Teachers have the ability to control if individual blogs are private, password protected, public, need approval before published, etc. Teachers are able to enter students' names and make different classes. From there, teachers are able to post their own blog of an assignment, parent updates, examples of student work, etc. Students are then able to reply to the teacher's post, create a new post, blog about what they are learning, comment (this feature can be turned off) on other classmates' ideas, or read other students' blogs from around the world. Kid blog is web-based and available as an app on the iPad.

Tech Table Talks

Fill out this form if you want to attend our second Tech Table Talks (T3s). We will be meeting at the HISD on January 6, from 4 - 5 p.m. These informal meetings are designed to collaborate how to use technology in our classrooms. The January 6 date will cover Google Drive, Docs, and Forms. The rest of the time will be devoted to collaborating, sharing, Google Drive set-up, and help.

  • SCECHs and snacks will be provided (you must attend all sessions to receive credit)
  • Future dates are: February 5, March 3, April 9, and May 5 from 4 - 5 p.m.

If you have any questions about these meetings, please email me at tylerl@huronisd.org.