Russia's Troubles and Facts

By: Emily M. Peterson

Population Density

Russia has a lot of landmass but the west side of Russia is hugely populated. Russia is 6,000 miles from East Russia to West Russia. Only one port is open all year round because of the North Atlantic Drift. There are natural barriers such as mountains and deserts. Many different countries are isolated(cut off from other countries) from each other.

The Control Of The Soviet Union

While the Soviet Union was in charge, they would use propaganda, to influence people's opinions. Since the Soviet Union was in charge, the government would own most of the agriculture and businesses. This is also called collective farms. When the Cold War started the United States and U.S.S.R. had developed nuclear weapons. The Cold War was also led to a space race.

The Soviet Collapse

One fault the Soviet Union had was the fact that their money had no use outside of Russia and their shelves had very little food on them. Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Communist Party. Mr. Gorbachev also started a movement called perestroika to help the economy. Perestroika means to restructure. The Soviet Union's fall in 1990, was the start of the republic's declaration of autonomy(determination to govern themselves).