The Heartbeat

what's happening at Heartland - Aug/Sept 2016

New Beginnings

It has certainly been a whirlwind for the past few weeks, as we have prepared to open our doors to 916 young minds. Last Friday was a day over four years in the making. Our scholars have been spending the last several days getting to know their new teachers, becoming acquainted with their classmates, and gaining familiarity with the school's procedures and systems. Overall, the young men and women of Heartland have been nothing short of exceptional. Change can challenge us. In the school world, it is rare to have everyone on campus (adults included) experiencing change. That is part of what has made this process so exciting.

Pick up and drop off

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work out our system for getting kids on and off of campus safely and smoothly. If you drop off in the morning you may have noticed that we have blocked the entrance into the parking lot itself, and have diverted traffic through the drop off loop. We understand that this is frustrating for some, however our goal is to be able to have the entire process be as efficient and safe as can be. We were having major traffic flow issues when cars that dropped off in the lot attempted to merge with the cars in the loop. It is also much safer to have students exit curbside than to have them walk across the parking lot to get to the front entrance. Once the loop is made, it helps greatly to pull up as far as possible so that many cars can unload at once. When possible, we respectfully request that cars exiting our lot turn right onto Pennsylvania to further assist our traffic flow. Overall, our morning unloading time was reduced by over 10 minutes.

Afternoon pick up flow has not seen the type of congestion that our morning has, so we will not restrict lot access in the afternoon at this point. Please be patient with us and your fellow parents when picking up and dropping off. We have over 400 cars coming through in 10-15 minutes, so some wait time is to be expected.

Upcoming Events

Open House and More


25 - VB v. Central

26-27 - SB @ Moore JH Tournament

27 - CC @ Deer Creek

29-31 - Orchestra/Band Rental @ SFHS, from 4-7

29 - SB v. Mustang North

30 - SB v. Mustang South / VB v. Cheyenne / FB 7 v. Mustang South @ SFHS


1 - CC @ Wild Horse Park / VB @ Summit / FB 8 v. Mustang South @ SFHS


6 - CC @ Woodson Park / SB v. Yukon / VB v. Deer Creek / FB 7 @ Stillwater

8 - SB @ Cheyenne (Mitch Park) / VB v. Stillwater / FB 8 @ Stillwater

9 - CC @ Route 66 Park

12 - !!!!OPEN HOUSE!!!! @ 6:30 / SB v. Summit

13 - SB @ Stillwater / VB @ Sequoyah

15 - SB v. Cimarron

16-17 - SB Conference Tournament @ Mustang

18 - Heartland Grand Opening

19 - Professional Day for Staff - NO SCHOOL / SB @ Mustang North

20 - CC @ Eldon Lyon Park / SB @ Mustang South / VB v. Cimarron / FB 7 v. Mustang North @ SFHS

22 - SB @ Sequoyah / VB v. Piedmont / FB 8 v. Mustang North @ SFHS

24 - Vocal COCDA Auditions

26 - CC @ SFHS / SB @ Deer Creek

27 - VB v. Mustang North / FB 7 v. Deer Creek @ SFHS

29 - VB v. Central / FB 8 v. Deer Creek @ SFHS


What a cool space!

As most of you noticed, Heartland is built to give teachers opportunities to teach in different spaces and in different ways. So far we have had several of our teachers trying to utilize our spaces for different activities.

locker woes

We are taking a good amount of calls from parents concerned that their child's locker is not working properly. There have primarily been two reasons for this:

1. My locker will not close - We discovered that there are some improper fit issues with some of the lockers. The contractor will be coming back in to refit the doors that have gap issues. This will take place over the next couple of weeks, but we cannot guarantee when that will be complete. We believe that this issue affects somewhere between 30 and 70 of our students.

2. My locker will not lock - This is almost always an easy fix. When the lockers were initially installed, none of them locked. The correct locker number must be coded in before the locker will ever lock. When done correctly the first time, the locking mechanism itself will drop into a place where it can lock the locker. Here are a couple of helpful tips:

a. Ask a teacher to assist

b. Remember right-left-right. You get to the first number by moving the dial

clockwise. The second number must be passed one time before landing on it,

and you must move counter clockwise to reach it. The third number will identify

itself on its own, because the dial will stop as you are turning clockwise.

c. The third number as listed on the schedule is off by 4-5 digits. Subtract five

from your third number, and you will most likely find success.


Our ALL-SCHOOL FUNDRAISER = fun and trendy items you can wear all year!

We will be opening our school store to our students on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to purchase in-stock items. Our school store will also be open for Open House on 9/12. Thank you for supporting our school!

Click on the link above to view our awesome t-shirt and hoodie designs. Purchase to support our school - all proceeds will build the activity fund for student and teacher needs at Heartland!

CASH or CHECKS ONLY (made payable to Heartland Middle School)

  • All T-Shirts designed and printed by Edmond's Jak'd Up Tees - $20
  • Fox Sox - $15/pair

For Pre-Order (FRIDAY 8/26 IS THE DEADLINE):

  • Lightweight pull-over or zip-up hoodies: $25
  • Heavier weight lace-up hoodie with interchangeable laces - $40
  • Custom Rustic Cuff bracelet in green and gray so you can wear it all the way through your senior year at Santa Fe High School- $32 (to be delivered in October)
  • Hand-stamped custom made sterling silver necklace - $25 (to be delivered in September)

Thunderhawk Athletics

Our Volleyball, Softball, Football, and Cross Country teams are all in action this fall. If your 7th or 8th grader would like to participate in either a winter or spring sport, remember they must have all of the required paperwork complete. Please follow the links below to navigate that process. No athlete can practice without being fully cleared through the Rank One database.