Separation Anxiety

Katie Cox


  1. First develops at 7 months old
  2. 4-5% of children and adults suffer from separation anxiety disorder
  3. Symptoms: school refusal, resistance to go to bed, and school phobia
  4. likely caused by combination of genetic and environmental vulnerabilities
  5. can also be caused by mothers being stressed while pregnant
  6. 80% of children who refuse school have separation anxiety
  7. counseling is considered the best treatment like behavioral, cognitive, and individual psychotherapy
  8. Fluvoxamine is considered the best/ safest medicine to take
  9. children with separation anxiety are at higher risk to develop other mental health problems
  10. always concerned with getting lost, or being kidnapped

Charts and graphs

This graph shows what ages separation anxiety occurs as opposed to other mental health problems


This graph shows the onset of separation anxiety in adulthood and in child hood