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Another Dust Bowl

How is another Dust Bowl going to occur?

A severe drought in a farming region threatens to produce another Dust Bowl. The farmers are having droughts in their land. The droughts are getting so dried and wind and water are quickly carrying away the soil in process of erosion. Also wind erosion could also cause the Dust Bowl by the wind carrying the soil. The loss of fertility causes the soil to dry out and turn to dust and the dust blows away which causes big dust clouds which is what is going to cause another Dust Bowl.

What are farmers going to do to prevent another Dust Bowl?

Many farmers are trying to prevent another Dust Bowl to occur by using different types of plowing like contour plowing, conservation plowing, and crop rotation.Farmers are using contour plowing by plowing their fields along the curves of a slope. It helps slow the runoff of excess rainfall and prevents it from washing away. Farmers also use conservation plowing, which prevents another Dust Bowl because farmers disturb the soil and its plant cover as little as possible. Also, dead weeds and stalks are left from the previous year’s crops, which are left in the ground to help return soil nutrients, retain moisture, and hold soil in its place. Crop rotation is when farmers plant different kinds of crops each year. It helps because different types of plants absorb different amount of nutrients from the soil.