Chancellor News and Notes

January 5, 2016

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Happy New Year!

2016 is here, and our kids are back! The building is slowly getting put back together with lots of help. Updates will continue to go out as things progress. Thank you to EVERYONE who has been helping put everything back in order! We could not have done all the moving and organizing that has been required without the help of our content team, custodial staff, paraprofessional teams, and other teachers and staff that have been available to help! One team, one dream!
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A Few Reminders:

  • Please be on time in the morning for duty if you have a morning duty.
  • If you are a classroom teacher, be ready to greet students as they walk in each morning.
  • If you have a new year's resolution to be healthier, come join the Mighty Milers afterschool on January 12, or get a group together to walk/run the track or stairs. Share if you have an idea for some healthy movement activities, events, or even recipes!
  • January 14- Multicultural Luncheon reschedule date (see Karen Boecker for details)
  • January 15- Multicultural Market reschedule date
  • January 18- MLK Day (HOLIDAY!)
  • January 22- Fat Friday (maybe there will be some options for those of us trying REALLY HARD to eat healthy, lol it's a little early to break resolutions already!)
  • January 22- Progress Reports due
  • Cancelled Date- We are cancelling Chancellor Under the Sea at this time, scheduled for January 28. With everything that's been going on, and no preparations made toward this event, we are going to cancel. Possibly we will reschedule for the spring, but we will let you know.
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