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The Fiji Islands

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Fiji Islands Map

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How Many Islands Are There?

The question is how many islands of Fiji are there really? The answer is 322! That's a lot.
And only 106 are inhabited by humans. That leaves...... 216 islands uninhabited! Here are a few of the names of the islands.
  • Kandavu
  • Ovalau
  • Mbatiki
  • Wakaya
  • Koro
  • Namenalala
  • Matuku
  • Totoya
  • Vanua Vatu
  • Nayau
  • Bulia
  • Yaukuvelevu
  • Dravuni
  • Vatu Lele
  • Ngau
  • Nairai
  • Moala
  • Kambara
  • Vaunggava
  • Namuka Llau
  • Fulanga
  • Ongea Ndriti
  • Mothe
  • Oneata
  • Aiwa
  • Lakemba
  • Thithia
  • Tuvutha
  • Mango
  • Kanathea
  • Naitauba
  • Viwa
  • Waya
  • Naviti
  • Yaqeta

The Fijian Flag

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The Union Jack in the flag represents the relationship between Britain and Fiji. The light blue symbolizes the Pacific Ocean. The dove in the coat of arms symbolizes peace. Two symbols in the emblem show Fiji's colonial past. The golden lion represents Great Britain and the coconut represents Fiji. The red cross represents St. George of Britain.


One of the traditional Fiji foods is called Lovo it consists of meats, fish and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves. Another traditional food is Palusami a dish consisting of corned beef or fish cooked in coconut oil. This can be served hot or cold.

The People and the Culture

Fijian Dance No.208

The Currency

History of the Fijian Money

  • The Fijian Dollar Note was first introduced in 1867 but wasn't used until 1873.
  • In 1969, the Fijian Dollar was more popular to the residents of Fiji.
  • In 1974, the Central Monetary Authority was chosen to print the actual money.
  • In 1987, the Reserve Bank of Fiji started loaning out banknotes.
  • In 1995, the $1 bill was replaced with a coin, and the $50 note was made and put out in public.
  • In 2006, the Reserve Bank of Fiji announced the introduction of plastic-coated notes.
  • In 2007, the first $100 banknote was introduced.



These videos will tell you some amazing things you can do in the wonderful island of Fiji.
Such as, scuba diving, museums, libraries, and many more. So pack up you bags and get ready to go to Fiji.
Fiji Islands Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions
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Now to Test What You Learned! (Questions)

What are two traditional foods for the Fijians?

What is the dance that involes dancing and story telling through song?

How many primary schools are in Fiji?

How many secondary schools are in Fiji?

Now to Test What You Learned! (Awnsers)

Lovo and Palusami are the two foods that were mentioned.

Meke is a dance that involves story telling and dancing.

There are 700 primary schools in Fiji.

There are 150 secondary schools in Fiji.