Friday Review

Friday, October 26, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • The Christmas Cheer referral list deadline is on FRIDAY, November 2, 2018. If you are aware of a student who needs be added to the list please notify Ms. Fehlman by Friday.
  • Workday, Monday 29th - 8 - 3:30 with an 1-1/2 lunch
  • Comments should be entered for all subjects on report cards.
  • Be reminded that grades should be reviewed before finalizing. Students should not be penalized due to time off from the hurricane. Have you reviewed how many students have failed your class? Was the extra credit assignment factored into grades?
  • When completing grades, how many EC students failed? Did they receive their accommodations? Have you spoken with the EC teacher? Has an IEP meeting been scheduled if the student is not being successful?
  • Please review assembly behavior/expectations. Separate behavior issues. Pep Rally on Tuesday, Afternoon Assembly Schedule.
  • Fall Trunk or Treat will be held on Wednesday of next week. Grade levels that have 18 or fewer referrals can participate. Stay tuned for a schedule and eligible grade levels.
  • Reminder: Letters home must be approved by an administrator before distributing.
  • Are you using your EQ, anchor chart and word wall during your instruction? Are you having students to stop talk and write multiple times during your lesson?
  • Duty at Dismissal: All staff members should be at their duty stations as students dismiss. For the 2nd bell, line your students up in your room and walk them to the cafeteria. Please ensure students are quiet and orderly. Students should not be sent on their own or walk ahead without a teacher.
  • Due to benchmark testing, planning will take place on Thursday. Please meet in your grade level classrooms.
  • Let's all show up for the Football game at SHS on Tues, 10/30. Staff that plan to attend may wear jeans/spirit shirt on Tuesday. We will sit on the Visitor side. Come out and have some fun! Support our Spartans.
  • What other profession would you pursue once you retire? Feel free to dress up on Oct. 31st. The best costume will be awarded a gift card.
  • Please follow the benchmark schedule for both Tues and Wed. Movement should be quiet in the hallway.
  • Parent Night - Please see the rooms that will be used on the sign up sheet. Make sure things are tidy. 6 - 7:30pm TEACHERS: the classroom with the highest number of students attending will win a prize!
  • In preparation of parent night, be sure to have student work up in your classroom and hallway.
  • Paint, Dine and Socialize - Are you coming? Nov 8, 6pm
  • Lesson plans - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT PLAN UPLOADED. Dates should be included.
  • COACHES - Be sure to send game highlights to Ms. Harris, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Tippett.
  • CLASSROOM TEACHERS - send class highlights to Ms. Harris, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Tippett. Do you have a great activity to share? Send pics to place on our media pages.
  • Staff Recognition nominations this week! All staff should complete nominations and submit. Details coming.
  • Benchmark letters will go home with report cards - Nov 7
  • The following homerooms have been declared the winners of the Spring Hill Middle school bullying awareness month poster contest:

    6th grade- Mrs. Chevalier

    7th Grade- Mrs. Carter

    8th Grade- Ms. VanDeVelde

    Congratulations homerooms! you have won a tech day! This day will be chosen by your homeroom teacher.


Teachers, please ensure you have Mr. Dunham’s cell number in case of emergency on a test day. Be sure to call Mrs. Lewis, but be sure to notify Mr. Dunham as soon as possible.


Partners In Ministry Mentors

Partners in Ministry is working to revamp and enhance their YES (Youth Empowered to Succeed) program. The new coordinator is Ms Sonya Green. This program is for at-risk kids. They are paired with a mentor to engage in proactive steps and activities to prevent negative behaviors. Youth do not need to be a part of the juvenile justice system to participate. We at the school level can refer students who are at risk due to behavior, poor academics, poor peer involvement, etc. Referrals must go through the support staff, who have the referral forms, and must be signed off by our SRO.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for Partners in Ministry see the flyer attached.

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This Week

Monday, October 29 - Cross Country @ home

Tuesday, October 30 - Football @ SHS

Tuesday, October 30 - Track @ Reid Ross

Tuesday, October 30 - Pep Rally

Wednesday, October 31 - Discipline reward "Trunk or Treat"

Thursday, November 1 - Student Support Mtg 9am

Thursday, November 1 - Chocolate money due

Thursday, November 1 - Cross Country @ Anson

Friday, November 2 - End of 1st Nine Weeks Grading Period

Looking Ahead

Monday/ Tuesday, November 5/6 - Classroom/EC teacher planning days

Monday, November 5 - Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, November 7 - Report cards sent home

Thursday, November 8 - Paint & Dine night (RSVP)

Thursday, November 8 - Awards Program

Thursday, November 8 - Native American Assembly 2:15

Thursday, November 8 - Paint, Dine and Socialize 6pm

Friday, November 9 - Picture Day / Sports Pictures

Friday Review information is due to Beth Tippett by Thursdays at 4:00pm at