Romeo and Juliet

Act Two Summaries

Risky Endeavor Scene 1

The party ends and romeo ditches his friend to go see Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo after he left. They make fun of him because his love sickness towards Rosaline. They think he is bedding Rosaline, so they decide not to follow him. But Romeo is actually going to Juliet’s house.

Proclamation of Love-Scene 2

In the bushes, Romeo lurks, creeping on Juliet. Juliet is confessing her love for Romeo when he is creeping. Romeo then reveals himself and says that he loves her the same way and they exchange complements and vows of love. In this scene Romeo compares Juliet to the sun and the stars.

Preperation-Scene 3

Romeo Heads to the Capulet’s garden to meet with Friar Lawrence. Lawrence was gathering some herbs when Romeo approached him. Lawrence gave Romeo some advice and didn’t want him to marry Juliet so suddenly. Romeo finally convinced him to do the wedding because Lawrence though it might stop the feud between the families.

The Response-Scene 4

This scene opens up with Juliet anxiously waiting for the Nurse to return with the message she had sent to Romeo. When she arrives she is gassed and wants to wait to tell Juliet the news. Juliet is reluctant and keeps asking the Nurse to tell her, so finally the nurse does. She said to meet Romeo at the chapel tomorrow and that Romeo would be coming over and staying the night tonight.

Vows-Scene 5

Romeo and friar Lawrence await for Juliet to enter the cell so they can be wed. Romeo ecstatically awaits Juliet and is not afraid of what consequences await for him in the future. Finally Juliet enters the Cell and states her love for Romeo, then Romeo does the same. Later all three leave the cell to be wed.