Batte of El Alamein

Araceli Flores

Dates of Battle:

  • First battle of El Alamein July 1-27, 1942
  • Second battle of El Alamein October 23, and November 11, 1942
Nations fought in El Alamein: Italy, Germany, and Great Britain
Battle of El Alamein was fought in El Alamein, Egypt

Significance of El Alamein:

Even though this battle wasn't a great victory, It did remove the axis powers from Africa, more of a triumph for allies proving that a combined allied army was equal to the task of defeating the Nazi army.
Casualty Numbers:
  • Allies casualties- 13,000
  • Axis casualties- 25,000
Victory: Allies

Interesting Facts:
- Rommel was also called "Desert Fox" for his ability to 'sniff' out his enemies
-Rommel was Hitler's best marshal
-Allies had half the losses as the axis did
-Rommel retreated from the battle against Hitler's orders