Racing in the Rain

Racing in the Rain Getting to now the main characters

In the book Racing in the Rain there were four main character. Enzo the dog, the story is out of his point of view. His owner Denny who is a professional race car driver. Denny's wife Eve and his daughter Zoe.


In Racing in the Rain Denny has his ups and downs in life. When he races he stay's away from his family because he is normally not their. When Eve tell denny thats she is pregnant Denny stops racing for a while and everyone in the family was happy. nine months later while Eve was giving birth she died. The hole family was shocked and sad. when Denny gets visited by his wife's parents they force Zoe and the baby to stay with them. The Twins want to get full cusity on the children. They go to court and Denny get the kids back and thats how it ends

A good fun read

For a quick read that was one of the only good books i have read. I approve of this book that it should be a good read. The book is for all audiences young or old