Jessie Belanger, hour 4

Overview of Career

Geneticists can conduct experiments to find out more about genes. They also try to find out what started diseases.
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How to succeed!

In high school you should take chemistry, calculus, and advanced Chemistry. Then in college you should major in genetics and cell biology.

Education costs

It is $41,578 for one year of schooling at University Milwaukee. For the full four year tuition it would be $166,312. Then if you add housing, gas money, clothes, and food the grand total would be about $196,312.

(The following are just estimates for the four years)

Housing- $1800

Food- $3600

Clothing- $600

Gas money- $2400

You will probably need to apply for financial aid or scholarships. A part time job would also help with the costs a lot.

Organizations for this Career

Pros & Cons


  • Good pay
  • Helping people
  • Learning about genes

  • Long hours
  • Difficult

More facts

If you become a geneticist you can research genes and find cures to diseases. You can also work indoors so if you hate the cold or have spring/summer allergies this just might be the perfect job for you! In college you would have to major in genetics. The entry salary in Wisconsin is a whopping $34,010!