Sand To Glass

By:Ayden Murenzi


Glass is used for many different purposes. Have you learned about how sand becomes glass? Read to find out!


Glass comes from many different materials. Here are some of them. A few are sand, rocks, coral, and shells. More are soil, silica, and soda ash. The last are limestone and cullet. Cullet is recycled glass.


This paragraph will tell you about how sand becomes glass. First all the ingredients are made into a sandy mixture. Then the mixture is heated at 2,700°F in a furnace while small amounts of the mixture are added. When it's fully melted it's called molten glass. The molten glass is put in a refiner, which is a machine that let's trapped air bubbles out of the molten glass. The molten glass is pushed through a hole and shurblades cut the molten glass off at a certain time so the molten glass is made into cylinders called gobs. The gobs are put into a forming machine and formed into containers. A machine called a leer reheats the containers so the outside won't cool faster than the inside and slowly the leer cools the containers to room temperature. The containers go through a inspection process ensure the best quality. Some bottles are remelted and the process starts over again.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts I think you should know about. One is glass is a amorphous solid. Amorphous solids are things that aren't a solid or a liquid- and both! Another fact is lightning and lava can heat sand enough to make it glass- 5,000° F! The last fact is silica is part of sand and helps keep us healthy!


Glass is great! Did you learn about sand and glass? Research in other places to find more!
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