Y'all are online now!

MsBisOnline and creating online profiles.

Creating online Portfolios and Business Cards

Display and Promote

Being online means having digital footprints around the world-wide web. Online ePortfolios and

Business Cards are ways to organize your sites, work and profiles.

Highlight - YOURSELF

1. Create a profile on About.me

  • Add Content to About.me business card
  • What do you want members of your PLN to know about you?
  • Personalize your new calling card: change the background and fonts; upload a picture; link your other online personas.
  • Here is my site

2. Create an ePortfolio using Weebly.com

  • Here is a Smore poster with ePortfolio resources
  • Change theme of website
  • Add new pages: resume, classroom projects, school presentations, etc.
  • Add content to ePortfolio: essays/articles, pictures, videos, posters, newsletters, calendars, etc.
Create an ePorfolio in under 5 minutes

Weebly to create ePortfolios

Use Weebly.com to publish an ePortfolio for yourself or your class that houses essays, photos, digital stories, presentations and videos. Publish a site that you will be proud of for years to come.

Create and Publish your sites.

Use your About.Me card and the Weebly website ePortfolios to show off

•Awards / Scholarships

•Learning Log

•Community activities

•Digital story

•Goals (short and long term)

•Links to websites relevant to your purpose


•Career development


•Special Skills


Tips from Valerie R. Burton, MEd

I am an English/Language Arts teacher who regularly integrates technology to connect with other educators, increase my productivity and my engage students.