Abby's Rodan + Fields Newsletter

September 2015

Family Update

We took an incredible family vacation to Pensacola, FL last month and had the very best time! Stella LOVED the ocean and Chloé enjoyed naps on the beach! It was quite the long road trip, but the girls did FANTASTIC!

Stella actually just started back to school this week - New school, new teacher, and new friends! She couldn't run into her classroom fast enough. In fact, the teacher had to ask her to turn around and blow me a kiss goodbye! Ha… I think we were BOTH ready!

Product Spotlight: REVERSE

Summer is OVER and we are moving into Fall. I know that all of us ATTEMPTED to wear sunscreen every day, but even driving in your car can cause damage to your skin! I know I mentioned this before, but we recommend getting on REVERSE 1x per year to get rid of your sun damage and get a fresh palette! Now that we are headed into FALL, this is the PERFECT TIME to start on REVERSE! I just started on it this week :)

Preferred Customers get the REVERSE Regimen for $162.

It comes with:

Exfoliating wash

Skin brigthening toner

Vitamin C/ Retinol step (Helps brighten but also helps with Anti-Aging)

SPF 50/ moisturizer (I use this every day!)

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FOMO? The time is NOW!

Okay… You've been curious. Sitting on the sidelines. Thinking "They look like they have FUN but I am SOOOO not into SALES." "Direct Sales has a stigma I don't want to be associated with it." "My friends will make fun of me." "It's saturated."

Can I tell you that I thought ALL of those things? At the end of the day, I realized I could sit on the sidelines and watch my best friend Katie succeed OR I could give this a 60 Day (RISK FREE) trial and see if it could work for my family like it did for hers. And GUESS WHAT! I had a blast. Who would have thought I'd ever be a skincare girl?!?! (Before Rodan + FIelds I was still using Clean & Clear from Walgreens, no lie!)

All I know is that this company is INCREDIBLE. The girls on my team are INSPIRING and SO SMART - We have HR Managers, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Consultants, Mechanical Engineers. So don't tell me you can't do SALES… because 99% of my team does not come from a sales background. We feel like that works in our FAVOR. Our approach is simple.

1. Get a SICK discount on amazing skincare products.

2. Watch your skin transform / become a walking billboard.

3. Share your results and referrals with others!

If you are looking for a way to make a couple extra hundred bucks per month, get your products PAID FOR (guilt-free skincare), or replace a corporate income, we can help you get there! We have all different backgrounds, goals, and dreams on our team. My job is just to help equip you to reach those goals no matter how big or small they may be!

So JOIN US!!! We are just beginning to expand globally and if your network hasn't heard about us yet, don't let someone else be the one to introduce them to it :)

I know you can tell we have FUN… So why not try it out? Don'st struggle with FOMO = Fear. Of. Missing. Out.