Jessicas Study Guide


poetic terms

A-personification-Having human like qualities

B-simile-a comparison using ''like or as''

C-metaphor-compulsion not using ''like or as''

D-hyperbole-exagertartine the truth

E-theme-the moral the character learned

A and B-A literary non-fiction and B different types of literary non-fiction

A-Literary non-fiction is just facts like the news paper

B-its ether real or not real

literary non-fiction

1-biography-A persons life writed bye a bother person

2-autobiography-a story about you writed bye you not someone eles

3-memoip-story of someones life

4-personal narrative-small story not a long story

What are plot elements in fiction

Setting,characters,theme,cause,conflict,risin action,climax,falling action

Point of view in fiction

First person -"I" is telling the story the narration the main character

tools of reading

A-inference-assumption or conclusion that Ives rationally and logically made ,based on given facts

B-what are the three types of connections you can make with text-1.text-to-self 2.text -to-world 3.text-to-text

C-how is main idea different from a summary-summary is like a article and main idea is ''facts'' of the text like the news paper in the article

D-what is theme in fiction-theme is a piece of literature and fiction is true stuff


A-comparative and superlative adjectives-Campare more than 1 adjecttives

B-irregular verb-heres some examples of irregular verbs arise,awake,backslid,be,bear,beat

C-perpositional phrases-heres some examples at home,in time,with me

D-simple and compoundes sentence-is composed of at leat two indentents cause

E-subject verb agreement-everyone HAS done his or her homework and HAS is a subject verb agreement

How is a story told in drama from different from other fiction

Fiction is "facts" drama is acting


Recoured of events in your life and notes about you or someone eles