Newsletter Week 8 Term 4 2021

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville December 9th 2021

Principal's Message

Nau Mai Haere Mai,

We are so proud of our students, families, staff and community of St Joseph's Catholic School. We would like to thank you all for your support, aroha and guidance within our school. We are very blessed to be part of such a great community.

Yesterday we were able to drop off the donations to Ezekiel Trust. The organisation wanted to pass on a huge thank you for your kindness and care for our most vulnerable.

Thank you everyone for your Yummy Apple efforts. We have just been advised that we will be receiving $547.00 worth of sports equipment. Great work everyone.

We want to say a huge farewell to our families that have been with us over the years who, after this year, will not have anyone at our school as their child is heading off to College. To the Seath Family, Botha Family, Cullen Family and Catapang Family, thank you for everything! Our Year 8 students, Lizzie, Abby, Sonechka, Kyralee, Amaya, Genevieve, Brendan, Vince, Maria, Brooke, Tahnay and Emma have their last few days with us at St Joes. We wish them all the very best for their futures. We are so proud of them and know that they will soar.

On behalf of the school I would like to thank our students and staff for all they have given to our school over the year. We are so very grateful. Thank you to the PFC and School Board for your hard work and efforts. It is very much appreciated. To Father Mark and our St Joseph's Parish, thank you as always, for your wonderful support. We wish Peter Flynn and Kelly Rowlingson all the very best and would like to thank them for being so amazing on our staff. You will be very missed!

Next Monday and Tuesday, the children can come to school in their PE gear. Make sure they pack their togs and towels as well. School finishes on Tuesday 14 December at 12.15 pm.

As we prepare for Christmas, may this season bring you joy with loved ones, reconnect with old ones, and have some time for yourself. Take care, keep safe and we look forward to seeing you back in the New Year.

Meri Kirihimete

Andrea Colebourn, Principal

Prize Giving 2021

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Athletics 2021

The whole school athletics held earlier in the term saw many of our students achieving outstanding results.

We wish to make special mention and congratulate our overall Senior Athletics Winners for 2021

Tahnay Sonnendecker and Brendan Unka

Well done to your both for this well deserved result.

Athletics Results

Overall placings for Athletic Events

Year 8 Girls - 1 Tahnay Sonnendecker, 2 Brooke Devaney, 3 Amaya Powell, 4 Kyralee Martinson

Year 8 Boys - 1 Brendan Unka, 2 Vince Catapang

Year 7 Girls - 1 Carla Roskam, 2 Bailee Horan, 3 Kate Mourits, 4 Mia Hyde

Year 7 Boys - 1 Jaxon Chase, 2 Zion Faaiuaso, 3 Charlie Vowles, 4 Kenneth Collins

11 year Girls- 1 Emma Butler, 2 Olivia Waite, 3 Alice Scott, 4 Dominika Ward

11year Boys - 1 Thomas Van Leeuwen, 2 Tobias Hotene-Wilson, 3 Ben Livingstone, 4 Jovan Rinos

10 year Girls - 1 Alena Kampenhout, 2 Mila Williams, 3 Emily Vowles, 4 Tegan Smith

10 year Boys- 1 Jack Wells, 2 Andre Hotene-Wilson, 3 Darryl Howie, 4 = Finn Wilson/Braedan Horan

9 year Girls - 1 Meghna Arun, 2 Kalinda Hyde, 3 Teigan Riches, 4 Kalayah Reith

9 year Boys - 1 Declan Keat, 2 Ryan Mourits, 3 Kian Sonnendecker, 4 Jack Patten

8 year Girls - 1 Lacey Loveridge, 2= Breah Hunter/Alicia Watkins, 4= Sofia Unka/Alyse Horan

8 year Boys - 1 Jack Teague, 2 Tate Williams, 3 Arran Verner, 4 Coen Dobson

7 year Girls - 1 Frankie Buttimore, 2 Nieve Wilson, 3 Chelsea Marwick, 4 Abigail Luke

7 year Boys - 1 Clay Keat, 2 Ryan Cameron, 3 Ryan Kuravilla, 4 Von Bacus

End of Year Words from St Josephs Catholic School Board

Well, 2021 has most certainly given us many things to consider. Challenges to face and learn from and a new normal to learn, at what seems to be a monthly occurrence.

Instead of having to listen to me at the Prize giving this year I am writing a short letter to our school community on behalf of your school board.

As a Board, it has certainly been an interesting last twelve months from changes in alert levels to remote learning and now a new traffic light system to follow with new guidelines to adhere.

We have an exciting new shed on its way with building due to start next year (barring any more hold ups).

There are a few other projects in the pipeline also, but we are waiting on quotes and final documents before we go further on these, as they come to fruition, we will let you all know.

We have triennial Board elections coming up in the mid-year so if anyone is interested in standing for election as a parent representative, or proprietors' representative then please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our board members if you have any questions.

To my fellow board members, Janna, Jessica, John, BB, Greg, Chris, Simone, and Andrea I would personally like to thank you for the hard work and effort you all put in, I know at times it may seem unnoticed, but it is appreciated.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our staff, volunteers, parents and Parish for their support and assistance this year.

Best wishes to Peter Flynn, a huge thank you for your role over the last 20 odd years of fantastic service to our school.

We would also like to wish Kelly Rowlingson all the very best in her new adventures and thank her for her wonderful work with so many students over her time at St Josephs.

Thank you to the PFC and all of you who gave time, food, and anything else to help with our big fundraising event this year in the way of the scrap metal drive, another fantastic result was achieved. We look forward to investing this back into our school.

As we finish the 2021 year at St Joseph's Catholic School, we would like to wish all our year 8 students who are leaving us all the best for their secondary education and to remember that you are a role model to not only our school and Parish, but also your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you all become the best version of you as you grow into young adults.

We would like to wish everyone a great festive season with family and loved ones, remember to be safe and we look forward to welcoming you all back in 2022.

God Bless, David Nickalls

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville Board Chairperson

End of Year Words from the St Josephs Catholic School Parent Fundraising Committee

Well, what another trying and eventful year for us all.

The PFC’s (Parent Fundraising Committee) efforts this year have helped in providing learning resources support for our children, travel for school camps and excursions, the leavers dinner and bibles for the year 8’s, and a new equipment shed costing $30,000.00 dollars, which will be built during the summer holidays.

Our largest fundraiser every year is our Scrap Metal drive. This year we have, as a school and community, exceeded all expectations with the collection of 109 tonnes of steel, raising a final total of $37,132.93. That is a tremendous effort and will really help in supporting our teachers and students in an educational landscape that is ever evolving.

I would like to acknowledge that the Scrap Metal drive could not go ahead if it were not for all those who volunteered their premises, time, muscle power, vehicles, and food donations. Special mention to the Cameron, Davenport, Corlett, and Van Eijk families. I realise there were many others involved in the day, but without your amazing support this event would not be possible. Thank you.

To the incredible members currently involved in the PFC. Even with another rollercoaster year, we worked together, and achieved another great result. I cannot thank you enough for all your contributions. The PFC are blessed to have such a wonderful team.

To those who may be interested in joining the PFC next year, if you see a meeting date in the school newsletter, please join us for a cup of coffee, tea, and a biscuit. We would love to share ideas on how we can help support our school, and children. And as the saying goes “many hands make light work.”

Thank you again for all your support during 2021. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

God bless,

Andrea Livingstone – PFC President.

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Core Value and Learning Awards

Congratulations on your wonderful achievements. You are shining!

2022 School Information

The last day of the school year for 2021 is Tuesday 14 December at 12:15 pm.

Our school year opens a little differently next year. Our staff are involved in a number of Teacher Only Days towards the end of January and the start of February. Some of these days are call back days and some are Accord Days.

Our school year for 2022 begins on Thursday 3 February. This day is scheduled to be a Learning Partnership Day. This is where parents/caregivers make a time to meet with the class teacher to discuss their child and share any information that you feel will benefit your child. It is also a chance to see the classroom space. You are encouraged to bring your child with you to the meeting. Please note that school will not be open for learning on that day. Bookings will open on 25 January 2022.

On Friday 4 February, our staff will be involved in professional development and learning.

School officially starts for students on Tuesday 8 February 2021. Our school year will finish on Friday 16 December 2022.

School Pool Key

School Pool Key for 2021/22 Swimming Season

School Pool is Now Open for Use

Pool Keys are available for issue from the school office for our school families only and can be obtained by Parent/Caregivers only at a cost $40.00 for the season.

Strict rules and conditions apply with the added restrictions of use under COVID Levels.

Reducing the Size of The School Board - Community Consultation

The current Board of St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville have passed a resolution to consult with the community regarding reducing the size of the Board.

The constitution structure is:

(5) Parent Representatives and (4) Proprietors Appointees

The proposed structure is :

four (4) Parent representatives and three (3) Proprietors Appointees.

The Board is currently functioning under the proposed structure as it is getting more difficult to fill positions due to the number of Proprietor’s appointees must be one less than those elected parent representatives.

We would like your feedback regarding our proposed structure. If you would like to comment on this, please email with your feedback.

Community consultation closes 20 January 2021.


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Upcoming Events

  • Friday, December 10th - Reports due home
  • Friday, December 10th - Leavers Dinner
  • Tuesday, December 14th - last day of term 12.15pm. Buses running at the earlier time. All students to have left the school grounds by 12.30pm please
  • Thursday, February 3rd - Learning Partnership appointments
  • Friday, February 4th - Teacher Only Day
  • Tuesday, February 8th - Term 1 2022 starts in full

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