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Backing up your data no matter how much you trust your computer or your iCloud is important. Some people think that these things are enough for their data for their data to be safe and saved. But what they don’t know is that it isn’t enough because their computer can get corrupted, while iClouds can get hacked. Saving it in another device like the Infiniti Kloud is ideal for you to have a backup.

What Is Infiniti Kloud

Infiniti Kloud is a USB stick, where you can save your files and use it as a backup. You can save almost anything in it, including music, videos, photos, documents, and more. The good thing about the Infiniti Kloud is that it doesn’t take long to back up your files here because of how fast and easy it is with this USB stick.

The Infiniti Kloud has only one storage size, which is 64GB, which is enough for your important files. Another good thing about this device is that you can use it in almost every computer available in the market today.

Why Do I Need Infiniti Kloud

As mentioned above, Infiniti Kloud is a USB stick where you can store music, photos, and other data. Anyone who is working with a computer can benefit from this device because you can use it as a backup when your computer starts acting up. If you want to keep more spaces on your computer on your iCloud, having the Infiniti Kloud is ideal. You can store important documents even some special memories of you and your family.

Another good thing about Infiniti Kloud is that it can help you backup four files quickly because of the fast transfer speed feature that this USB stick has. It can easily be used because of the pre-installed software that it has.

Advantages Of Using Infiniti Kloud

Compatible In All Computers

The Infiniti Kloud is compatible with all computers, whether it be desktops, notebooks, or laptops, for as long as it has a USB port. There are also computers that don’t have USB ports and using a USB port adapter can help since Infiniti Kloud is also compatible with those adapters.

Transfer Speed Rate

Infiniti Kloud has s high transfer speed of 4.8 gigabytes every second. This is definitely faster than SD memory cards that only have a speed of 312mb per second. So if you are in a hurry to save a file, you shouldn’t worry because Infiniti Kloud can help you with that.

Less Power

Unlike other storage devices, Infiniti Kloud only needs less power and also consumes less. Whether your computer is running out of battery, this USB stick won’t fail you.


As mentioned above, Infiniti Kloud has 64GB in memory, which means that you can carry a lot of files and other data that you probably need. If you need to present something and you don’t want to carry a lot of things or an entire external hard drive, the Infiniti Kloud will work. It may have a lot of files in it, but it is very light.


As you all know, Infiniti Kloud USB stick is small, just like other USB sticks in the market, which makes it very portable. You can attach them to your keychain or simply slip it to your trouser pocket and shirt. The Infiniti Kloud only measures around two inches, and despite that, it can carry huge files. Carrying the Infiniti Kloud around is actually a breeze since you won’t even feel its weight in your pocket to the bag.

Infiniti Kloud Rating And Recommendation

People who have been working with a computer long enough can attest that there are times where their computers crash, deleting all their important files. It can be frustrating especially if you don’t have a backup plan. So to test how reliable Infiniti Kloud is, we let our editors try the device out and we divided them into two groups.

Group A started using Infiniti Kloud to store some of their important files. Everyone was amazed at how fast the transfer rate is and it didn’t take long before all their important files got transferred on the USB stick.

Group B started using their personal USB stick and got frustrated with how slow the transfer rate is. They saw how the Infiniti Kloud transferred files of the other editors in just a few seconds.

All this means that Infiniti Kloud can definitely do the job better than other USB, especially when it comes to the speed when transferring files. Also, with the plug and play feature that this USB has, you can immediately do whatever it is that you need to do. Also, Infiniti Kloud is known to ensure that it can protect your files against data loss.

Infiniti Kloud Reviews

While doing my research on the Infiniti Kloud reviews, the majority of them are actually positive and that’s not surprising at all with the reliability of this USB stick. All these positive feedback means that they experienced great things when backing up files and such using Infiniti Kloud. With the capabilities of this USB stick, it’s not surprising while everyone is switching to this brand.

Where Can I Order Infiniti Kloud

You can order Infiniti Kloud directly on their website, where they are currently offering discounts depending on the quantity that you’re going to purchase. You can also pay through PayPal or major Credit Cards with ease and security, because the site has an SSL encryption.

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