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Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to our continuous learning and the learning of our students so that each learning activity is engaging, culturally responsive, and prepares them for their futures.

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May 17, 2016

Upcoming Events

May 18 - MS Gr. 7/8 Choir & Orch. Concert - 7:30 pm

May 19 - MS Gr. 7/8 Band Concert 7:30 pm

May 21 - MS Gr. 8 Moving Up Dance - 6 pm - 8 pm


I don't know where to begin - there's so much to talk about. I'll start with Friday's dance with the sixth and seventh grade students. They had a ball! I learned a few new dances, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy going to the dances so much. The other reason is because I get to see the children in a different way. You learn a lot about a child when you dance :-)

The two moves I learned were new twists on old dances. We all know the Cupid Shuffle - but did you know that now after you turn - you kick - and as you are raising your leg - you clap under your lifted leg and THEN touch the ground? I had no idea. I tried it a few times, but my old legs would only let me practice my new moves twice :-)

The other move that I learned was The Running Man. The way that I learned about this dance was the funniest of it all. DJ Drago was on fire! The song My Boo came on and the children went crazy. Their little legs started moving, but they were not going very far. I looked to my left and to my right in wonder before turning to a few teachers and asking, "What is that?" After chuckling a bit - they told me that it was The Running Man Challenge. I couldn't believe my eyes. We used to do the running man when I was younger - no comment :-) The children were happy to show me how it's done. Take a look at the videos below - first the video that reminds me so much of one of our colleagues (Can you guess who?) and then an appearance on Ellen of the two students who created the dance. Take a close listen - you'll get a chuckle out of how they started.

"3" Images to Ponder

"2" Tech Tips to Try

Getting Started with Google Classroom
Teachers have shared with me that using Google Classroom has made their lives so much easier. If you're interested in using Google Classroom - let me know. We can get you all set up.

Tech Tip of the week - Grade everything in one place.

After you create your class and students submit work to you. Click the three lines button in the top left of Classroom and select “Work” at the top. Here, you’ll find all of the assignments for all of your classes in one place. Work your way down the list and get on top of everything in one spot.

Give it a try. Set up a class with a colleague and test out the features if you're thinking about using it next year. You'll never go back to paper grading again!

"1" Must-See Video

Take a look at this video - Does someone look familiar?
Top 10 Running Man Challenges Compilation - #runningmanchallenge - MUST WATCH
The Duo Behind the 'Running Man Challenge' Phenomenon

Upcoming Events - Looking Ahead

May 30, 2016 - Memorial Day - School Closed


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Top 10 Running Man Challenges Compilation - #runningmanchallenge - MUST WATCH
Out of the mouth of babes...Ellen has the two students who started the Running Man Challenge.