Team Radiant Joy

April Newsletter

I'm so blessed to be able to give shout out's and kudos to some well deserving ladies for their awesome achievements!! Let's celebrate the success of your hard work in March! What an awesome month it was!!

rene hughes - independent senior director

Contact me for your individual conversations and questions. It's my pleasure to help you grow your business and abilities!


personal stats

Parties Held: 2

Personal Recruits: 1

Personal Sales: $1014.00

Paycheck: $1371.18

It pays to help others build their dreams! Had I not chosen to be in leadership my paycheck would have been $253.50

Team stats

Number of Consultants: 27

Number of Team Parties held: 34

Team Recruits: 4

Team Sales: $15400.50

Entire Success Lineage:

Number of Consultants: 58

Number of Parties: 61

Number of Recruits: 7

Organization Sales: $28557.00

Team Resources:

Personal accountability calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, focus your business or hold you accountable to your goals. Please email me if you are interested.

We also have a team Facebook Page that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Many of our trainings and business tips are announced there. Here is the link.


Top Party Girls! - Chasity Babl - 5 Parties!!!

Michelle Padden and Missy McCoy both had 4 parties

Amanda DeSmith and Kay Jacobsen had 3parties each.

The party is where it is at...keep your calendar filled and you will always be in business!

Newly Qualified Consultants:

Chasity Babl

Shawna Callahan

Top in Personal Volume:

Michelle Padden $2966.50.00 Woohoo! Great job and enjoy your paycheck!!

Chasity Babl $2256.50

Amanda DeSmith $1190.00

Congratulations to the following ladies for actively working your business this month by partying and placing orders...

Kay Jacobsen, Missy McCoy, Amy Blado, Shannon Van Allen, Tara Pabst, Laura Harnisch, Shannon Rivers, Shawna Callahan, Angela Richards, Jill Dangers, Chrissie Solt, Angel Prochnow, Shannon Mounce, Audrey Robinson, Samantha Larson, Cassie Hestekin, Wanda Hansen. You go girls! So exciting to see you earning your paychecks each month!!

Dream Builders:

Chasity Babl, Kay Jacobsen, Laura Harnish and Angel Prochnow all recruited one new person in March! Way to GROW your team!! Keep up the good work!

And congrats again to Angel Prochnow who added 2 new team members in February too!

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

$1000 Party Girls

Congrats to Michelle Padden on your $1201.50 party!

Hostess coaching and inviting looks like it paid off for you and your hostess!! :) Way to go!

Collect 6 postcards and turn them in to me for $25 product or business credit! Collect postcards for Top 5 in Sales $1500 or above. Being a Dream Builder, Top Party Girls 3+ Parties in a Month, Become a Qualified Consultant, $1000 Parties. You keep track of your postcards and turn them in to me for your reward.

Tips From The Top...

Sophie Bradbury, Director from Mississippi was asked to share her best advice on Keeping the Calendar Full and Sharing the Opportunity...

Keeping my calendar full:

I always try to book parties at my parties, but when I find myself staring at a blank calendar here are a few things I do. I start by setting my home party goal for the particular month I need to book. I open my calendar & circle all the dates I am available to party. Then, I start reaching out to my past customers, past hostesses, list of 62, etc....& start offering the earliest dates I have open. When I am offering dates I only offer 2 or 3 at a time. I find by narrowing down the dates for my potential hostess she is more likely to say yes & pick one. Repeat this process until you reach your goal! One more thing, don't be afraid to ask your hostesses & customers for referrals. They know which of their friends is most likely to host your next party:)

Sharing the opportunity:

I have recently started using a "potential team member" notebook. If anyone has shown interest in the Thirty-one opportunity their name & phone # go on a page in my notebook. I keep track of when I have contacted them & what the conversation was about. I never stop reaching out to them until they give me a firm NO. When someone tells you "I'm still thinking", "It's not a good time", or "I have to talk to my husband" that does not mean NO. Continue to follow up until you hear "I'm ready" or "I am not interested"! Consistency & persistence are a must for success in this business!

Where to Focus now.....

Keep the party going!! Keep working to get your parties on your calendar because it it the lifeblood of your business

Keep the Conversations going! I am so excited to welcome so many new ladies to our team and see the change in their lives and the new teams that are growing because of it. We owe it to others to offer such a life changing opportunity to them!

Register for National Conference!! On average your business increases by over 40% after you attend conference. I would love to have you join me in Denver or join our ED in Columbus! It really is a fun time filled with learning and new opportunities!

Call me if you have questions or concerns! Love you guys! I am committed to helping our team grow this year! And can't wait to celebrate your next promotion with all of you!!