Creekland Media Center

December 2015 News and Events

Literacy and Reading

Read the Rainbow is the reading incentive program sponsored by the CMS Media Center. it encourages students to read one book from each of 16 different categories or genres to expose them to a variety of writing styles and techniques. Incentives can be earned for completing 1, 5, 10, or 15 books and turning in the Read the Rainbow sheet. Extra sheets are available in the media center.

Database Spotlight

My favorite database is not really a database - it's a research organizational tool called Easy Bib. With it students can take notes, create citations and bibliographies, and even write a paper or essay. Setting up an account is easy, and best of all it's free. You can have students drop their work in your folder, then comment on it and return it to them without having to print anything. Access Easy Bib through your Portal page. Just look for "Online Research Library", click on Easy Bib and create your account.

Some of our most popular titles in December

Ms. Meyer is currently reading

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer. Written by popular author Rick Riordon, Magnus is a 15 year old homeless boy living on the streets of Boston. People are hunting for him and he doesn't want to be caught. The book has already had several explosions and car chases, and I'm only in chapter 5. This should prove to be as exciting a series as Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


Do you want to have a change of scene? Why not sign up to bring your classes to the media center where we can collaborate on a lesson or two. Some lessons I have prepared recently include how to paraphrase, using Culture Grams, and book talks. I love trying new lesson ideas and would be happy to plan, teach, assess and grade with you!!!