Fined Football

By: Kylie Clendening

Should football players be fined for celebrating?

As he runs down the field he breaks into his famous dance! After every football game he's in that's a conversation starter! I believe that football players should be fine for celebrating, because it's unsportsmanlike, it affects games, and you can get penalized.


To begin with, I believe that football players should be fined for celebrating because it's unsportsmanlike. Some celebrations include rude jesters. The opposing team could get mad and might try to argue. They might also start taunting. Some celebrations are choreographed, which might lead to "obsessive" celebrating. (Also the crowd might get mad, and who likes an angery crowd?!)
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Effects games

To continue, celebrating during football games can effect games. For example the other team might feel discouraged or offended , the crowed could try to give penalties or discouraged the team that scored, and it can take up lots of time. Some football games are 15-45 minutes longer than usual. Also you have to remember about timeouts, halftime, and the time it takes for referees to make decisions.
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As I said, football players should be fined because it is unsportsmanlike and it takes up time, but my final thought about football players being fined is it causes teams to be penalized . There are different ways to be penalized. If you get penalized you can be fined. Some football players had to pay more than $300,000. Another way football players can be penalized is by yardage, your team can be put back farther than their touchdown side.(Plus, who wants to be back, playing football is already hard enough!!) ( You can also get flagged.)The final way is by sitting out. Sometimes a player on the team can sit out for whatever they did. Usually a certain amount of time for the rest of the game, but if its really bad they can sit out for more than one game.
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To sum up thoughts, I believe football players should be fined for celebrating because, it's unsportsmanlike, it effects games, and because you can be penalized< but i also think football players should be fined for celebrating because people pay money to go see people play football. So why would they have to see dancing if they paid to watch a football game. ( And i can tell you going to a football game isn't cheep!) According to, Some football tickets are over $500!!!!
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