Digital Citizenship Project

Isaiah H., Period 2

7 Rules for Good Digital Citizenship

  1. Rule #1 is Treat others how you want to treated: Think if its kind or if its true
  2. Rule #2 Is not to give personal information to strangers online: is it important, spamming, or is it asking for bank account.
  3. Rule #3 Do not put stuff you don't want people to see: Don't post a picture of you drinking with your friend or don't post a video.
  4. Rule #4 is to respect each other and to not send responses to strangers.
  5. Rule #5 Is not to post something you wouldn't say in person
  6. Rule #6 Don't send a rude email
  7. Rule #7 Don't send a rude email back to whoever sent one to you

What is Digital Citizenship? Why is it important?