German 1AB - Weekly Newsletter

Frau Hedrick Weekly Update

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Assignments Due - NEWS

Please note all the assignments that are due.

If you have a Fall Break coming up, you must work ahead on your assignemnts. GAVS does not allow extensions due to alternate schedules.

Quiz - Introduction Chapter

Mein Urlaub

Vocabulary 2.1

Vocabulary 2.2

Discussion 1

Vocabulary 2.3

Be sure that all assignments for the next week are posted on Friday night, September 19 2014. After Friday, late penalties will be assesed.


My online synchronous sessions will be on Mondays at 5pm. These are student-driven questions. I will be online to asnwer questions, extra tutoring, etc. I will also post a recorded session each week that addresses grammar isuess for each chapter. If you would like to have anything discussed during the session, please email your questions.

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