Skakespearean Sports

By: Mason Jahn and Ron Roe


  • Shakespearean Sports
  • Many people may think they did not have sports, but that is wrong
  • Very popular and interesting
  • I think their sports are cool


  • Most popular sports: jousting and archery contest
  • Only the best of archers did the archery contest
  • Other sports: horseshoes, billiards, colf, hammer throwing, dancing, and hardcore wrestling
  • Colf is a games just like golf but they use a leather ball and a wooden club with a piece on metal at the end. They try to score by hitting the ball in a hole.
  • Wrestling was known as "The Bloody Sport"
  • Mostly Roman Catholics played sports
  • Most people played sports on Sundays
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Difference Compared to Today

  • Rules
  • Styles
  • Tools or balls
  • Who plays: mostly everybody plays today, back then only upper class and middle class play
  • We play them all the time, unlike them
  • Lower class played few sports
  • We changed some of the names of sports
  • We have more sports than them
  • (Image to the left is the tools for colf)

Similarities Compared to Today

  • Tools
  • Rules
  • Dancing is kinda the same but they dressed differently
  • Name of sports


  • If they did not have sports back then then we might have not had them today
  • We owe it to the people of the past