The Mourning Loss Of Robin Harper

We are upset to announce that Molly Harper's young child, Robin, has died from drowning. When an incident happened from feeding ducks, Robin unfortunately had gotten pushed into the pond. We will remember Harper's child, and mourn for his loss, and not forget the rosebush lying on his grave from his loyal friend, Georgie Burgess. Robin was an illiterate boy, who struggled while trying to speak. Robin inspired others around him.

Interview With Georgie

INTERVIEWER: What was your reaction after the death of Robin?

GEORGIE: I had just felt really speechless. I had lost a special friend of mine, who thought like i did, and was just like me. I was mostly pretty silent and upset the couple of days after.

INTERVIEWER: What are the few things you had learned from Robin?

GEORGIE: I had learned that i wasn't alone. I finally had a friend who understood me, and was going through the same situation as me.

INTERVIEWER: What influence did Robin have on others?

GEORGIE: Robin always gave others hope. People would take a look at him and start to get inspired at how far he's come with his abilities.

INTERVIEWER: How did you get in touch with Robin?

GEORGIE: I had met Robin while he was with Old Eddie, Mrs. Harper's gardener. Old Eddie started telling me more about Robin, and i realized we had things in common.

INTERVIEWER: What things did you have in common with Robin?

GEORGIE: Both of us were struggling in reading and writing things. Robin was a non-verbal as well, and we both had trouble in those skills.


Robin was a young, inspirational boy towards other people. Robin had lived across the Boys Catholic school with his mother and his grandfather, Mrs. Harper, and Mr. Collier. Mrs. Harper, was a lonely mother who had lost two other family members already, had tried her hardest to take care of Robin. As so did Eddie, Georgie, and Mr. Collier. Georgie had gotten close to the Harper family, and was there for Robin and they had shared the same interests. Robin was a non-verbal boy who had difficulty with reading and writing, and had cognitive impairments; a trouble with learning new things. But yet people still had supported him. Others from the nearby Catholic school will cherish Robin, while his superior friend Georgie will sing a song in honor of him. Many had cared for Robin, and will mourn for the loss of the young child.
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