CAPS 265 Capstone Course

Let me introduce myself!

Hello and welcome. My name is Stephanie Huffnagle and I will be your instructor this session. I have experience working as an attorney, a librarian, and a paralegal instructor. I love to travel (that's me in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the picture to the right) and watch reality TV.

Part of my teaching philosophy is to prepare students for the real world. It is so important that all students have the opportunity to develop skills that will help them land and keep a job after graduation. I hope that what we cover in this class will give you the confidence you need to go out and get your dream job.

CAPS265 Welcome

Course introduction

We will work on both hard and soft skills required to succeed and grow in a professional atmosphere. Communication skills, for example, will assist you in job placement, salary and benefit negotiations, and customer or co-worker relations. You will get a chance to practice employment testing, apply for jobs online, and flex your interviewing and networking skills.

Through the capstone projects, you will hone in on your skills in your particular area of study. You will continue to revise and refine your ePortfolio, which showcases your professional competencies, work experience, and work place capabilities. After completing this course, you will be more familiar with the profession you are entering, better understand workplace expectations, and demonstrate formal and informal communications for job searching and career development.

First thing's first...

To get started, please read over the supplemental syllabus and the tracking calendar in the "Introductory Documents" tab on the left-hand side. The supplemental syllabus contains things like grading criteria, supplemental readings (which are required!), and basic class info.

Make sure to check the Announcements page throughout each week as I post information about assignments and supplementary material of general interest to the paralegal field.

My contact info...

The best way to reach me is via email (sahuffnagle@bryantstratton.edu). I will respond to emails within a 24-36 hour period.

You can also post to the "Ask Your Instructor" discussion forum if you think other students would benefit from your question, comment, and/or concern, as well as my response. Please do not use this discussion forum to post questions of a private or individual nature (e.g. grades) as the entire class has access to the posts.

I maintain virtual office hours through G-chat (InstructorHuffnagle@gmail.com) Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Eastern. You do need a Google account to access this chat. You can learn how to set up a Google account here.