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Learning Quarter One: September 6, 2023

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Dr. Reach's Principal Connections

September Greetings, Woodland Families!

As we jumpstart into this beautiful month of September, we hope that each of you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend. Spending time with our children and those we hold dear is so very important.

And now that our first month of school is complete, we are looking forward to our continued learning journey with your student/or students. It is an absolute joy to observe our students' excitement for learning each and every school day...

and that is what makes our Woodland learning community so very special. As always, TY for partnering with us!

And finally, please continue to work with your student/or students at home each school day by asking questions about the learning day, reviewing homework folders, and as always - reading together for at least 20 minutes. And please reach out if you should have questions or should need additional information. WE appreciate you!

With my very best,

Dr. Karen Reach

Woodland ES Principal



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Our Woodland Expectations for All Students

Always remembering to be:

  • Safe
  • Respectful --- and

  • Responsible

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Our School Day

Morning Arrival =
  • 7:45 - 8:14 AM

Our Morning Bell Rings/and School Begins =

  • 8:15 AM

Our Dismissal Bell =

  • 3:15 PM
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An Attendance Summary:

  • When your student is sick, running a temperature, or if there is a family emergency, please call our office prior to 9 AM: 423.434.5267.

  • After five Parent/Guardian Call-in Days: a Doctor's Note is required in order for an absence to be excused (per TN Attendance Law).

  • A student is considered Chronically Absent if he/she has missed more that 10% of our school year.

  • Please ensure that your student arrives on time each and every school day. Every school minute is important! We are unable to provide high quality instruction for your student if he/she is absent.

  • Please reach out anytime with questions or needed clarifications. TY so much for helping your student to maintain excellent attendance!

Dr. Karen Reach


Mrs. Jennifer Silvers/Our Family-School and Attendance Coordinator


Mrs. Sabrina Lyons/Our School Attendance Liaison


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TY, Afternoon Car Line Families, for your excellence with our Afternoon Car Line Tags. We appreciate you!

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As we continue to refine our afternoon processes, please help us with the following car line details:

Please ensure that you are traveling at a very safe speed t/out our car line. It is always important to remain slow and steady within our lines (morning and afternoon).

Secondly, please do not leave your car unattended at anytime while waiting in our afternoon car line. This includes our K car line in the front circle. Please know that particular line is only for K students - without Woodland siblings. Please check with your K teacher if you should have questions in that regard.

Also, please do not enter our playgrounds or soccer fields at anytime unless you are officially signed in through our main office as a Woodland Guest.

Very importantly, we must refrain from taking photographs of classroom students on our playground and fields. Confidential procedures affirm that we may only take photographs of our own children unless pre-apprroved through the principal's office.

As always, should you discover anything amiss within our afternoon processes, please connect with Dr. Reach as soon as possible via email or phone.

Thank you, Woodland Families!

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Please mark your calendars...

Today/SEPT 6

  • Mid-Term Grading Reports will be included in today's WED Folders.
  • TY to our wonderful Woodland Teachers for always organizing this important detailing.
  • Our Attendance Poster Contest information will be forwarded home today - for all students who are interested in participating.
  • TY to Mrs. Lyons & Mrs. Silvers for coordinating!


  • Another Terrific Attendance Tuesday/everyone is invited to wear their FAV Sunglasses in celebration of Woodland and our strong commitment to excellent attendance.
  • Our Attendance is so bright we need to wear our FAV shades!


  • Please note our Title I Meeting graphic above/Our 5:30 PM Meeting.
  • We hope you will attend!
  • We will also be discussing our Tennessee Attendance Specifics = super important for all school families.


  • Fall Photos/Our Retake Photo Day: Please let your teacher know if retakes will be needed.


  • Parent/Guardian - Teacher Conference Day
  • School will be closed for Woodland students on this date.


  • Another Terrific Attendance Tuesday/everyone is invited to wear their FAV Sports' Jersey or Cheer Uniform in celebration of Woodland and our strong committment to excellent attendance.
  • Cheering for Excellent Attendance!
  • 11 AM/Our Title I Morning Meeting Date - if you are unable to attend on SEPT 14th.


  • Health Screenings for our students in grades: PK, K, 2, & 4


  • Another Terrific Attendance Tuesday/everyone is invited to wear their FAV Yellow & Black Attire in celebration of Woodland and our strong commitment to excellent attendance.
  • Thank you for BEEING here!


  • Science Checkpoint Testing for Grades 3 - 5


  • PTA Fall Walkathon/TY, everyone, for supporting this fun-filled event!
  • Wear your FAV Woodland shirts and jazz them up if you wish!
  • Let's Go, Team Woodland!


  • ELA Checkpoint Testing: Grades 2 - 4


  • MATH Checkpoint Testing: Grades 2 - 4


  • Our Woodland STREAM Day for Grades PK-5
  • A special day to celebrate & enjoy: SCIEINCE, TECH, ROBOTICS, ENGINEERING, ART, & MATH!
  • A special TY to our Woodland STREAM Team & Guest Presenters!
  • BE You! There's a Place for YOU in STREAM! :)


  • Grading Quarter One ends.

OCT 9 - 13th

  • Fall Break
  • All JC Schools will be closed this week.
  • We will resume our regular schedule on Monday/OCT 16th.
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Our Woodland Staff Connections

Our Woodland office is open each school day: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Dr. Karen Reach

Woodland Principal


Dr. Leeanne Francis

Woodland Assistant Principal


Mrs. Kirstie Bolton

Woodland Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Taylor Miller

Woodland Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Jennifer Silvers

Woodland Family/School Coordinator


Mrs. Sabrina Lyons

Woodland Attendance Liasion


Mrs. Brenda Tipton

Woodland Financial Coordinator and Bookkeeper


Mrs. Amanda Gallam

Woodland Cafe Manager


Ms. Mary Jacobs

Woodland School Counselor


Mrs. Laura Evans

Woodland Leadership Team Chair


Mrs. Amanda Livingston

Woodland Educare Director


Mrs. Chelsea Morse

Woodland PTA President


Please reach out anytime with questions or concerns.

WE are always here to support ALL students and families!

Our main office number =


Our Office Hours/Monday through Friday

7:30 AM - 4:30 PM