Fine Arts Weekly Update

Week of 2/22-2/26

Band 7- Mr. Stevison and Ms. Tokos

Band 7 (Responsive and Virtual)

This week we continued learning about 6/8 time. We also continued working through the music from Pirates of the Caribbean and Beyond the Seven Hills. Students did not have an assignment this week, but many students need to submit assignments from previous weeks.

Next week, we will be working on pg. 30 in the blue book. Also, the 3rd Quarter ends on March 5. Students need to make sure that they have late work submitted by Friday.

As always, please email me with any questions at

Band 8- Mr. Stevison and Ms. Tokos

Band 8 (Responsive and Virtual)

This week we worked on P. 24 in our method book. We are counting and practicing exercises in 9/8 time. Next week we will look at 12/8 time. We also sight read two new pieces this week, Yankee Fanfare and Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite. There are no new recording assignments this week but a number of students may still need to submit previous recording assignments. 3rd Quarter ends on Friday, March 5. All assignments are due at that time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

Orchestra Ms. Grubb/Mr. Hernton

Now that students have completed their recordings for the Virtual Pops Concert and their Auditions for 8th Grade and High School for next year, students are beginning to dive into more advanced string technique on with Shifting into 3rd position for Violins, 3rd and 4th Position for Cellos, and 3rd-5th Position for Basses. Students should refer to their fingering chart that features notes in higher positions posted in Canvas under Technique Book Materials and also found on page 46 of their Green Essential Technique books. Students will be assessed on their ability to make smooth transitions into higher positions along the fingerboard of their instrument and find alternative methods to play music passages more fluently. Students can find their Student Learning Objective worksheet on shifting in the same tab of the Canvas Website. Students should expect assessment of their shifting technique to take place the week before Spring Break.

Choir 7/8- Mrs. Gado

Virtual/Responsive This week, we got back to singing, although I was so impressed with the progress that the kids made on their piano study! We started learning our Natural Minor scale, and are almost through our Hamilton Highlights medley and also Amazing. I’m hoping to have them all confident enough to finish those next week so we can move on to new music in a different style.

This week, we also talked about Motown, and its influence on the musical world, but also on society as a whole.

Drama 1- Mr. Conners

Drama I- (Virtual/Responsive)

All Drama I students began working on their new unit The Readers Theater Unit. Students are working in small student selected groups to choose a topic, research that topic and create a readers theater script that will inform and entertain their audience using basic acting performance skills and the traits of readers theater.

Drama 2- Mr. Conners

Drama II- (Responsive)

Drama II students began our new unit The Scene Study Unit. Students were given teacher selected scenes and partners which they will memorize and work individually and with their partners apply acting skills that will help them in creating a believable character on stage for an audience.

Art 1 and 2- Mrs. Hannel

ART 1 and 2: Artists finished their Painting Study Project and have moved into Choice Art! Students will be putting the skills we have learned with drawing and painting into practice doing artwork of their choice! Some days I begin class with a mini lesson to provide additional tips and practices along the way. This week Art 1 mini-lessons focused on the Loomis method for drawing a face. Next week we will get into how to talk about art. Meanwhile, Art 2 had mini-lessons about art controversies. I hope they will begin to form opinions around what their personal standards for art are. This will continue into next week. Let me know if you have any questions!

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