Why You Should LOVE Dogs

By: Abigail Cruz

I believe you should get a dog because they're loyal, and they will make you laugh, and they will also become members of the family.

Dogs are the most loyal people on this Earth. I say that because dogs will love their alpha dog (master) alot. They will never give up on them. For example the story about the dog that went to its masters grave for 6 years because he missed him.From the book '10 Of The Most Heartwarming Dog Stories From History written by:Aaron Short comes the dog that saved a little kid from drowning. The dog won a silver collar by Swansea council,the most Bravest Dog of the year award,a silver cup from the mayor of London,and its very own statue. Thats why dogs are the best they will stick with or even care about you no matter what.

Dogs also bring so much joy and laughter every single day......wether we are playing with them or just watching them do something silly. After all laughter is the best medicine. Fro example me and my puppy like to play with the ball outside because she gets so crazy playing with it she makes me giggle every time im with her. She brings so much happiness.


Over the last couple of the last couple of decades,pets especially dogs have become family members and may other things. For example they have become military dogs, firefighters, police, therepay dogs.But most fascinating they have become people another member of the family thats why dogs are the best. According to Gwenda Bond Dogs have been in almost three-quarters of the U.S. households!

So if you still dont like dogs look on the bright side dogs are amazing people just like i said they're loyal, make you laugh, and also they become great members of families. Hope you love dogs now or even want to get one now.


''10 Heartwarming Dog Stories From History'' by:Aaron Short