The North Carolina General Assembly

Learn who's really representing you!

What is the NC General Assembly?

The NC General Assembly is the legislative branch of the state of North Carolina. They handle all of the states laws, taxes and anything else that they have the power to do under the reserved powers.

How does it work?

The Assembly is a Bicameral Legislature like the US legislative. It has a House of Representatives and a Senate.

Some Important Faces

The Houses

The Senate has a total of 50 members. Those members serve two year terms and are elected by the people of North Carolina. The House of Representatives however, have a total of 120 members who serve for two years. Both houses combined have the power to grant or reject anything the governor wants to pass. They also are responsible for enforcing what the federal government passes. For example they can either offer Obama care or not use it. To conclude, the house of representatives and the senate are in charge of what goes on in our state.