Link and Learn Friday

November 17


Classtools - This isn't the prettiest website but some of the resources here are really unique. Gamify your next quiz with Pac Man, Connect Four or puzzles. A list of twitter feeds just for teachers, tools for creating QR treasure hunts and more. Try something new once a month, you may just find that it's just as much fun for you as your students!


MOMA- Virtual field trips are always a really fun way to explore learning. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a FANTASTIC website for kids with interactive exploring, learning, listening, printables, etc. Their companion app is also a great resource for learning, exploring and creating.

Just for Fun

Neflix Secret Codes - If you're a Netflix customer and considering ditching cable because it's just too expensive and there's nothing on, you should bookmark this site of secret codes for Netflix. These categories will make it a whole lot easier to find content that you DO want to watch and you may even find some that you never knew existed.