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Rabbit Ray - Backer's Update


Dear backers, it's a year since you supported our first Indiegogo campaign. Thank you for believing in Joytingle. Since the last gathering in August 16, 2014 - there are new developments:

1) Did you know -

- There are 7 points to consider before choosing the right screw?
- A magnet's shape determines it's polarity arrangement?

Neither did I. But as the engineering is finalised, these details emerged. [Read Below]

Plus, the mechanical hurdle that solves the last puzzle in the development.

2) plush toy will be removed - due to cost consideration.
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The last puzzle in the mechanical development : real liquids

One of Rabbit Ray's strength is providing kids with a realistic experience of drawing blood and injecting real liquids into it's hands.

The challenge is to create it with little or no leakage.

Here are some of the experiments carried out -

1) A small water bag was considered. However, a 50ml-size is not easily available and the small volume order does not interest manufacturers to customise one.

2) After studying fluid-mechanics, a single-hole container can provide a 2 way water path. There must be no other holes except for the designated single-hole, because
it can creates a partial-vacuum environment to hold the water

For the August 16 meeting, this was the proposed approach.

Customising a single-hole container to Rabbit Ray's hand shape will be costly. The next best alternative is to source for single-hole containers that can fit into the slender 10mm arms. The answer - eye dropper bottles.

After sourcing the bottles with suitable dimensions, it was tested. It works perfectly to hold liquid without leaking. However, when injection happens, it leaks.

Upon checking, it goes back to a simple physics principle. Water is slightly compressible - but with the introduction of more liquids (through injection), it cannot compress it's current volume further - hence leaking. This problem is repeated with 1) as well.

3) Learning from above, the trick is to create a chamber that can expand and contract accordingly - in response to the injection (increasing volume) and drawing blood (decreasing volume).

It will allow 2 realistic experiences:

a) "blood" is able to drip out (on demand) - helpful for demonstrating the "drip" method in blood-draw for neonatal (newborn, infant) care.

When the educational demonstration is over, the dripping can stop with no leakages.

b) "vaccines" can be injected easily with no leakage.

How does Joytingle create this? You will experience it when you receive your doll.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you try it.

With gratitude,