Sailing Safe at Sea

McKenna Moore

All About Our Organization : Camp Safety at Sea

Welcome! Here at Camp Safety at Sea we teach our campers how to stay safe and be aware of the dangers of the sea while still having a great time adventuring all the different oceans around the world. At Camp Safety at Sea the campers will learn a different lesson everyday about how they can protect themselves while they sail across the ocean. While the students are here they will learn to stay away from treacherous waters, learn radio code, and get to know all the different parts of boats. Not only will we teach the kids from lessons but at the end of the camp we will put the kids in different survival scenarios that could happen while you are at sea. We want our students to remember the lessons we taught them and use them to solve their survival scenario. All these lessons and survival games will teach these kids how to take responsibility for themselves and stay away from crisis.
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Our Mission

Everyday at sea people die at sea and most of the time it is because they are not safe. At Camp Safety at Sea our mission is to teach our campers why it is important to stay safe in water and how you can prevent trouble in the ocean. All of our teachers have past experience in different areas of overseas sailing safety . Although they all teach different lessons on sailing safety they all have a common goal; keeping our students safe in the ocean. Every single seminar and camp we teach will hopefully save someone from dying or getting hurt at sea. We hope at Camp Safety at Sea that everyone can come and join us to teach others about how to be safe in the ocean.
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About Sophie

Sophie was the main inspiration for our camp. She came up with this idea after taking a trip to Ireland with her three uncles and two cousins and she has recently turned her idea into a reality. Sophie had a shaky childhood and she went through some rough spots. When she was young her parents died in the ocean and she almost did too. She was put through foster homes but after awhile she finally found a family she belonged to. All she ever wanted to do was put that all behind her and pretend it was someone else's story but soon enough she figured out she couldn't erase the past. in the book the Wanderer on page 282/283 she says "'Bompie remember when you were very little, just a child and you went sailing with your parents?' 'I did?' he said. ' The wind remember ? It was howling ,howling,howling and the boat was rolling…and your mother wrapped you in a blanket and put you in a dinghy remember?'… 'and then you were floating , floating,floating and.. the parents didn't make it' 'And then you were all alone Bompie, all by yourself, floating…'Sophie … Maybe thats not Bompie's story. Maybe that's your story."' Now that she has learned that you cannot erase the past , she wants to teach others how to stay safe while sailing so what happened to her parents and almost herself doesn't happen to anyone else.

Boat and Sailing Safety

Sailing accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Sometimes people can fall overboard or the boat can flip over or the boat can get caught in a storm but there are ways to prevent these accidents from happening. Whenever you are on a boat even if you are sailing in shallow water always have you lifejacket on it will help you stay safe. Don't overload your boat with gear and people otherwise the boat can flip over because it was not balanced. Most of all be smart don't risk sailing in bad weather or rough water conditions, it is not worth risking your safety to go for a sail. If you just follow simple and practical safety procedures you can prevent many accidents from happening while sailing.

Our Inspiration

When Sophie was little she was about three years olds she went to the ocean in a boat and her mom had wrapped her up in a soft blue blanket. She started to fall asleep and then suddenly there was water coming down all over the place and there was a huge wave about to crash down on Sophie. The wave started coming down pulling in but her mother grabbed her hand but Sophie still was getting pulled and could not breathe or see anything around her and wasn't sure what to do. Then her mother grabbed her and pulled her out of the water saving her from drowning. She still has dreams about the wave crashing down on her and she is still timid near the water because of it, ".…the little kid went to the ocean…The little kid lay down on a blanket..and fell asleep. Then the water started pouring over the little kid..The little kids mother grabbed the little kids hand..and the little kid couldn't see or breathe…the little kids mother yanked the kid upright."(166) Sophie doesn't want anyone else to experience drowning so she wants others to learn by coming to Camp Safety at Sea
When Sophie was little she went sailing with her parents. It was a cold windy day and the wind started to howl harder and harder. The sky suddenly got dark and gray and the waves got rough.So Sophie's mother wrapped her up in a blanket and placed her in the dinghy. She floated around and she couldn't find her parents because they died. Leaving her all alone, cold and afraid in the water. '"Remember? Remember? And -and-the cold- and water…and the parents didn't make it."'parents drowned in the ocean which have now inspired her to help people stay safe in the water so they don't go through the grief and sorrow Sophie went through when she lost her parents.
When Sophie was on the boat with Uncle Doc, Mo, and Stew and Cody and Brian when the big storm came no one got seriously injured. They all were a little bruised up here and there from the huge storm but other than that they all stayed strong and safe by following simple safety procedures. They were all worried they were gonna die or drown and their family would never see them again but they persevered and made it through. "Nearby is my safety harness, that little stainless steel clip that saved my life, and one just like it saved dock and Cody. So far."This is what we hope to teach at Camp Safety at Sea, because we want all of our students to learn to never give up and always follow safety rules,

How to get Involved

You can get involved by signing up for any of our seminars or camps at Camp Safety at Sea. We will teach you whatever you want to know about sailing safety and much more. If you have any suggestions or lessons that you think should be added to our camp we would love to know because the more information people have the more we can prevent boating accidents. There are so many simple ways you can get involved too, you can teach others about sailing safety by showing them what to do in certain situations. Even teaching someone how to put on a life vest can save their life in the future and help them learn more about sailing safety. All we want at Camp Safety at Sea is for everyone to be able to have a fun at sea sailing while still being safe and preventing boating accidents.