September Update

Sycamore High School

EOC Scores

We are so excited that SHS grew from a Level 1 to a 2.3 based on our 2018-2019 TNReady End of Course scores, graduation rate, and attendance! If the state department of education had assigned schools letter grades, SHS would have gone from a "D" to a "B"! Teachers celebrated in the August faculty meeting, and students will receive a sweet treat at lunch this week to celebrate their success as well. We will be "Soaring to the Next Level" this school year by continuing best practices such as creating common formative assessments that mimic what our students will see on the EOC in the spring and teaching to the depth of the state standards.
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The Month Ahead

Thursday, September 5 - Board Meeting

Friday, September 6 - Progress Reports

Tuesday, September 24 - Dr. Beck's Parent Information Night for Northern Cluster - 6:00 pm

Friday, September 27 - 11:45 dismissal for students

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Tardies and Tough Tuesday Reminders

One of our biggest, yet most simple, expectations for our students is to show up to class on time. We expect students to arrive to school on time each morning (7:45 in 1st period class), and arrive promptly to each class throughout the day, as learning starts at the bell.

Students have five minutes to transition to each class. There is a one-minute warning bell before the tardy bell rings as a reminder for students to be inside the classroom at the schedule time. So that students may gain the most from their classes, we have implemented the following tardy procedures:

  • 3 tardies = Lunch Detention
  • 3 more tardies (6) = Tough Tuesday*
  • Every subsequent 3 tardies (9, 12, 15,…) = Tough Tuesday (each occurrence of 3 tardies)
  • 3 tardies in a single day = ISS due to multiple disruptions to the school day

*Tough Tuesday

Tough Tuesday is used as a consequence for tardies, as outlined above. Tough Tuesday occurs on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30 in the library. Students assigned to Tough Tuesday must arrive in the library no later than 3:00 and will be dismissed at 4:30 promptly. Students are expected to arrange their own transportation upon dismissal from Tough Tuesday at 4:30. During this time, students are expected to bring academic work and will have access to tutoring services from teachers in the library.

Failure to Attend

If a student is assigned Lunch Detention due to having 3 tardies, it is the student’s responsibility to report to Lunch Detention at the start of his/her lunch session. If the student fails to report to Lunch Detention, the student will be assigned ISS the next day. Discipline points will be applied.

If a student is assigned Tough Tuesday due to too many tardies, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to attend. If, for valid reasoning, a student is unable to attend the assigned Tough Tuesday, the student must notify the office of the reason in advance (before the assigned Tough Tuesday) and may be assigned an alternate consequence. Not all situations will be excused and eligible for alternate consequence. If the student fails to attend Tough Tuesday without advance notice, the student will be assigned ISS the next day. Discipline points will be applied.

Mike Caldwell Softball Field Dedication

Sycamore Pride Positive Behavior Incentive Program

Tuesday, September 3 kicks off our Sycamore Pride Positive Behavior Incentive Program where we will recognize students every week for their Perseverance, Responsible behavior, Initiative, Dependability, and Excellent Effort. If you would like to donate Sonic gift cards, or make a donation to this fund so that we can recognize positive student behavior, please contact Mrs. Teri Jeannette, our bookkeeper. No donation is too small!
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Standards Based Grading

As a county, as we continue to shift toward a focus on teaching and assessing students' mastery of standards, our vocabulary has begun to change as well. We are shifting the focus on student learning and growth.
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