Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 4

Math, Science, Social Studies

September 6th - 9th

Dates to Remember:

This Friday 9/9: Dress like your favorite book character

Math Homework

Due by Friday 9/9

Number Bonds

Ten Frames

+4 Math Facts

Review Excel found in "Keep at Home" pocket and practice flash cards.

(Keep cards in zipper pocket of binder when not practicing)

Math Focus of the Week

This week students will continue learning addition strategies as we finish Chapter 2 addition concepts. We will work on building numbers, addition fluency, math vocabulary as well as spiral review skills with Excel Math. Math vocabulary cards will be sent home with flash cards on Monday. Practice when available to do so. These words will be on the Unit 1 test in approximately 2 weeks.

Math Strategies for Addition

Click here for Unit 1 Math: Number Concepts

Use this link for math review, games, and extra practice.


This week we will explore our seeds and the seed coat with a hands on observations. When we left school Friday, our seeds were germinating nicely. We will remove them from the bags this week and will continue explore the plant life cycle.

Social Studies

Our social studies lesson this week is a mini lesson. We will have a vocabulary word of the day as well as work in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs workbook.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.