SVMS Last Update


Thanks for supporting our SVMS Eagles. It's been an amazing year!

A huge thanks go out to the family, friends, staff, and administration that made this such a great year for SVMS. We had our first successful Color Run, Battled for many a Paddle (and ended up tying the Jays in the competition), and provided our students not one, but two field trips this year! We could not have done it without you!

We have the best supporters in the district!

Snowie KC for purchase on Thursday at SVMS

Snowie KC is coming to SVMS on Thursday and will have snow cones for purchase. Their prices are as follows: $5 for a large, $4 for a medium, and $3 for a small.

8th Grade Eagles

This was a year of firsts for our 8th grade class. They were the first class to check out the Tucker Leadership lab and the first 8th grade celebration that got to try out the new foam machine. We wish them luck in their future endeavors!

7th Grade Eagles

The seventh graders got the opportunity to tour both Arrowhead and the K and also got to experience the outdoors by fishing, participating in a scavenger hunt, going on a hike and catching and observing pond life in a pond study. We hope they enjoyed themselves!

6th Grade Eagles

We hope you enjoyed your first year as Eagles! This grade got a visit to Science City and the planetarium and went straight to the Outdoor field trip the next day. The tweets looked like they were having a blast!

Please help us thank the companies and sponsors that helped support our Eagles!

We had tremendous support from our families and staff this year and could not be more thankful!

We also had some really amazing support from companies around the community. Let them know we appreciate their support!

Doug and Joyce Bender, Bender Foundry Service. They were our first donors to the Color run and we were so appreciative!

Snowie KC. Snowie KC has been so accomodating and pleasant to work with. They bring their snow cones for us and always give a cut of the profit back to the school! We love Snowie KC!

Culver's of Liberty. Culver's has been a long time supporter of the SVMS Eagles. They are always willing to schedule a restaurant night for our school (usually two!) and give us a part of the profit right back to the school.

Five Below of Liberty. This was our first year working with Five Below. They were very accommodating and fun to work with and who doesn't love going to that store?

Chipotle of Liberty. Chipotle was one of our largest restaurant fundraisers. They definitely gave us a good start to being able to fund student and staff activities this year!

Dairy Queen of Liberty. Dairy Queen was a new restaurant for us as well this year. This company was very excited to work with us and we appreciated the amount they donated back to the school. And who doesn't love a Blizzard!

Planet Sub in Liberty. This was another new restaurant we tried this year. They were a small venue, but were excited about hosting the Eagles!

Cici's Pizza in Liberty. We were the first school to have a restaurant night here after their refurbish and the company was super excited to have us. And we all love a good buffet!

Mudhole Food Truck. Mudhole has been a great option for us this year. They came to our Back to School BBQ and were also at a couple of the Battle for the Paddle games. We love Mudhole!

We tried a little something different this year and offered some activities to teachers during our Teacher appreciation week. A huge thanks to the following companies who took time out of their day to volunteer some much needed 'me' time for our SVMS staff!

Team Curnow Fitness for Her. Team Curnow offered not only an after school exercise session, but also free classes during the week of Teacher appreciation. She was very accommodating and excellent to work with. Check her out!

Angela from Free Spirit Fitness. Angela came and lead a meditation class for our staff during Teacher appreciation week. Which also happened to be the tail end of MAP week so I am certain it was appreciated! Check her out here:

Robin from Integrative Elements Custom Therapeutic Massage. Robin came by after school one day and offered chair massages to our staff. They were very appreciative that she offered to volunteer her services! See her info here:

Our Staff go above and beyond!

Having so many events in one school could not happen without the support of staff. Occasionally we have also had staff volunteer their services to make our events the best they can be. Give a big thanks to them!

Brianna Lindenmeyer was a former SVMS science teacher and she came back this year during the Color Run to help us document the event. Please give her our thanks if you see her or check out her website

Michelle Butler is a current SVMS teacher who volunteered her DJ abilities to make the Color Run just that much more fun. Give her company, Tony Buzz Music a shout out for the outstanding job they did for our students this year. It was very much appreciated!

What's on the agenda for next year?

At SVMS we try to offer fundraising opportunities for all families. Some like to make a monetary donation-feel free to send it in. Some like to sell an item to families and friends-we have something for you. Others would like to give back by providing an activity for their student-do we have the event for you!

Invest in Your Eagle: We will once again be taking donations for those that would prefer to give a monetary donation. You can make your checks out to SVMS PTSA and we will make sure your donation goes to support the student and staff at SVMS throughout the year!

World's Finest Chocolate Bars: We will be selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars for $1 a piece. Our kick off for this item will be Monday, August 20th during school. During that time your student will bring a permission form that says they have your permission to sell the chocolate and we will send a case home with them. The flavors available for purchase will be almond, dark chocolate, crisp, caramel and milk chocolate. We will also have samples at registration for purchase if you'd like to try them.

Color Run: We had our first Color Run last year and it was an absolute blast. We are hoping to make our second Color Run bigger and better than last year. We have set the date of September 19th aside for this event so mark your calendars! The run will be for students, only, but we will need a ton of adult volunteers (read YOU) to help us pull this off for our EAGLES. Email if you know you can make it and we will put you on the list now!

Grade Level Tshirts: Be on the look out for the grade level tshirt sale. These shirts can be used during assemblies and throughout the school year at SVMS for grade level competitions. We will have this again this year and hope to get two sales up and going before the start of next year. We will post the information on the SVMS website as well as social media so you can take this one off your list early if you'd like. We can't wait to see our Eagles come back with their new grade level tshirts and school spirits!

Restaurant Nights: We will have a variety of restaurant nights throughout the school year. They will be communicated as they are booked and through social media accounts.

Back to School BBQ: We will once again have our Back to School BBQ at the first home football game of the season. Keep an eye out for a date coming soon!

Thanks again to all who helped support our Eagles!

Another big thanks goes out to all our SVMS supporters. Parents, families, staff, friends, and corporate supporters-we could not have done it without you! Thanks for making the 2018 year the best!