The Monster?

The Monster Media?

Media is any form of communication with multiple people, or a way of getting information out to multiple people. Many people think of media as the news on T.V and in newspapers, but there are different types of media. Social media is things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The media, in all its different forms, has a huge influence in our world today! Many people, older generations especially, are resistant to the technological age. They do not understand why people are addicted to T.V, cellphones, and computers, because they did not grow up with it. To be media literate is to have a good understanding of all of the different types of media and be involved in them. For example, if you are literate in social media, it means you are actively involved by tweeting, liking pictures, and updating statues. If you are literate in the news media, it means you watch the news, read the newspapers, and have a good understanding of the things that are happening in the world. You should be able to hold a conversation about anything from politics to international issues. The resistant sect of the older generation would not be considered social media literate, because they are not actively involved on things such as Twitter and Instagram. However, they may be considered news media literate, because they may watch the news every day and keep up with all of the

#NoContract - Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow in the commercial No Contract, claims that T-Mobile will make your cell phone plans a whole lot better. He "shows what you can do with no contract". Tebow supports his claims by pointing out that T-Mobile will pay for your contract to be broken, and will not issue you a new one with them. The purpose of this commercial is to get more people to switch over to T-Mobile, because of all the benefits they get. Tebow talks in a humorous and semi-sarcastic tone for people who need to break their phone contracts.

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Kinetic Typography

All throughout high school I have struggled with getting up before the sun even rises in the morning! We have to be in class at 7:10 in the morning, which requires that some students be on the bus at 5:30 or later, meaning that they get up at 5 or possibly earlier! High school is probably the most important out of elementary, middle, and high and statistics say that teenagers need the most sleep out of any age group. I think high school and elementary school should switch times, because little kids do not know the difference between what times they have to get up and they have a lot less work and responsibilities allowing them to have more time to go to sleep early. High school students have jobs, play sports, and on top of all of that have to keep their grades up to get into a good college. If we are coming into school so early in the morning every day, obviously people are going to fall asleep in class. In high school, I know without a doubt, kids fall asleep more than they do in any other school and yet what we do on a day to day basis is the most important because it determines whether or not we go to a good college. If someone is making you take a test or write an essay so early in the morning, it will not be the best quality work that you could put forth if you had a good night rest. I think that if we switched time with the elementary school kids, the grades that we have in first block would be significantly higher, because we would be getting a lot more sleep. At the end of the day, all the school is worried about is how high their rankings are and testing, so why wouldn’t they make the appropriate changes to get their academic rankings higher than they already are by giving students the opportunity to put forth their best work without having to struggle to keep their eyes open? At the point where you are struggling to keep your eyes open and everything is becoming blurry, you have already tuned out the teacher and are learning absolutely nothing. This is how most students are for most classes, just because of the simple fact that school starts way too early. They need to actually look at what they are putting high school students through and how little sense it makes to make us get good grades, hold jobs, play sports, have good home lives, and do all this with an inadequate amount of sleep every day.

Excitement for Extended School Days

High school students excited about extended school days

Priya Lokasundaram, High School Student

Mon March 24, 2014

GWINNETT- After almost a full week, in total, of snow days, Gwinnett County Public Schools has decided to force students to make up a full 48 hours or 2 days of time. The snow days were declared a state of emergency, and only 2 other counties statewide decided to make up the time.

Peachtree Ridge High School in particular has decided to use this much needed extra 30 minutes for a different block every day. These extra 30 minutes of imperative instruction have caused test scores to stay the same and number of absences and AWOL’s has been significantly higher. Students have made quality use out of this time by sleeping in class, texting, and tuning out their teacher.

Sandra, a junior at Peachtree Ridge says, “These 30 minutes have been the best thing ever! I get to sleep more than usual in all of my classes.” Aaron, a second semester Peachtree Ridge Senior says. “I love being in school an extra half an hour! I want to be in high school and hone the valuable skills that my 4 elective classes are teaching me!” Samantha, a senior says, “I thoroughly enjoy changing into my work uniform and school and speeding to my job without eating in order to make it to work on time!”

Teachers are the ones who are the happiest with extended school days! They can use this time to desperately try and keep students attention for a full 2 hours. Mrs. Smith, a Math teacher for seniors says, “I love seeing the blank stares and miserable faces of my students when the clock hits 2:10. It really makes me feel like I am getting through to them after that time!”

It is very evident that both teachers and students are making exceptional use of the extra 30 minutes of vital instruction time that Gwinnett County Public Schools has forced. All of the other counties in Georgia will definitely have lower test scores and higher absences than Gwinnett, because it is painfully obvious that the students and teachers love what extended school days has to offer them!

1984 Response

Since Orwell's novel relates so much to our world today, I think the criticism of the government is very appropriate. Our government has slyly taken over our lives. It has access or can gain access to almost every part of our lives. In 1984, the government was open about the fact that it had access to everything. In our world, it seems that sometimes we are on a need-to-know basis when it comes to what the government can and can't access and what parts of our lives are really private. Though Orwell didn't know it would connect so much with our world and was just predicting what he thought the world would come to, the things he criticizes the government for are things that are big issues in our world today. The main thing he criticizes the government for is being too controling. Though our government isn't as controling, it does seem that they are gaining the same thing the 1984 government was trying to gain: control and information. Both government want to know more and more information about its people, because gaining information means that you have more contorl over the people since you can use what personal information you gain against them. The only difference is that we can voice our issues with what our government has done and is doing up to a certain point without getting punished. However, does it really change anything? In 1984, the people couldn't do anything and nothing changed. In our world, we "can do something", but it doesn't really seem like anything changes.


This class is the most unique core class I have taken. The effect that technology has on our generation was the most astounding thing I learned. I self-reflected a lot, and saw that technology has affected me more than I realized. I don’t think I could go a week without using some form of technology. I now see how much of my life is in some form wrapped up in technology. Another big thing that I recognized was how difficult it must be for older generations to adapt to this technological age. It must feel like everywhere they turn there is something else they need to get used to. Convenient stores, businesses, schools, etc. are all embracing technology. Flip phones are long gone, yet the older generation refuses to adapt to the smart phone age. I realized the reason why this was so. The self-reflection that this class demands sets it apart from almost every other class offered. Most other classes are about memorization, tests, and grades. Every grade we got, for the most part, was responding to a significant issue. This class is opinion based whereas other classes are memorizing facts. The biggest positive is that it is relatively easy to relate the material to our own lives, which makes for a much more enjoyable experience. I tended to learn more about myself than the actual material being taught, even when we read books. Overall, I enjoyed this unique experience. It was nice to have something new before leaving high school. I think future classes should keep a journal where they respond to the discussions or topic of the day. This way, they can look back on it and see how their view points on the issues have changed. Looking back year from now could also be quite interesting.