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"Sister, I've Been There Too! But I Came Back to Get You"

About This Seminal Book:

"Sister, I've Been There Too" (SIBTT) is a compilation of life experiences and testimonies from nine authors in ministry who unashamedly share their stories from a place of honesty and transparency. Often labeled "taboo" to discuss among believers in the body of Christ, this anthology candidly exposes the issues women face, from molestation, abortion, obesity, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, neglect, low self-esteem, abandonment, unorthodox love, deception and sexual addictions, to name a few. The authors' desire in revealing these harrowing stories is to demonstrate victory, healing, deliverance, and triumph after living through situations that could have destroyed or killed them. God created us whole, complete, and wanting for nothing; however, life happens to all of us; it knocks us down, hurls us, betrays us, and leaves us wandering, wondering why we were born sometimes. Yet everything we need to be made whole, restored, refreshed, and renewed is within us according to the Word of God.

"Sister, I've Been There Too, But I Came Back To Get You!" is not for the faint of heart. The blatant message that must be shared with readers is, "You are not alone!" In some way, in one or more of the nine testimonies you read, the authors reveal that they've been just where you are, that God delivered them and will do the same for you if you trust and surrender All to Him!

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SIBTT Literary Group: Writing the Vision . . .

This group is the brain-child of two literary visionaries, Pastor Valerie Howard-Jones and Rev. Tracey M. Booker. Both women are published authors, bloggers in their own right, and are active in ministry.

In 2004, during a weekly “catching up” conversation, Tracey began to share with Valerie about her desire to write her autobiography. She talked in detail about how she had been led to share honest and transparent information about her life in order to help others who had experienced the same type issues that she had with various life experiences as well as how desolate she felt as a result. Valerie, in turn, began to share her life experiences and that she also had been commissioned to write a book. The conversation continued and at the end of it, the concept for “Sister, I’ve Been There Too” ™ had been conceived. The rest is history in the making!