Media Effects

Negative Effects of Media on Society

Media Influence

Media has so many negative influence in music , TV shows and internet that affects how society acts and sees the world.


Certain music genres affect teens in negative ways. Music has the ability to affect someones emotion , specially teenagers and kids too. Some music lyrics usually talk about drugs and sex , that tends people to sometimes do what the lyrics say. For example Rap music has been defined as having negative effects on teenagers. Many parents are worried about their children because it could cause a big impact on them.


Not only Internet has positive effects but also has many negative ones too . Internet has become an addiction to teens and now it plays an important role in the world. People of all ages use it to communicate with others but teens sometimes use it to bully others. This is the biggest reason why teens suicide. It also keeps them away from spending time with family and friends because they spend all the time on the internet. Not only do they use it all the time but they are also exposed to pornography. Teens don't realize how much they use it and how its affecting them.

Tv Shows/ Movies

TV has negative influence on teens. Like teens spend time on the internet that's how much time they spend watching t.v. T.v shows such as cartoons , soap operas , reality shows etc, have violence. This is a result as why children get aggressive and tend to imitate what they see on t.v. Not only it has violence but also teens see actors and artists on t.v that have the "perfect body" , that can negatively influence teen's self-perception and body image.


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