Freedom: The power or right to act, speak or think as you like without being controlled for your rights

Allegory: A big symbol that symbolizes another story

Symbol: A thing that represent or stands for something else such as something that is abstract


In my opinion pride of Baghdad is a allegory of the 2003 american invasion because all of the characters and the action are a symbol of someone or something during the american invasion such as Zill who is a lion at the zoo who sees the pros and cons of freedom like he missed the horizon but needs food to eat which is an allegory of a citizen that wants hussein caught and for everyone to be free but doesn't want mass destruction to occur during the invasion.

Ali- Character analysis

-Ali is the young lion that is confused about the story she is very ambitious and wants to be free

- Ali represents the young Iraqi (doesn't fully understand the situation).

- Ali's view of freedom was that shes not really sure whats going on but when the big explosion happens she says "i knew it this is the end" which shows that there done living a bad life in the zoo and they were free

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Safa- Character analysis

-Safa is the mother lion she is protective and believes they shouldn't be free

-Safa represents the sunni Iraqi

- In Safa's opinion freedom to her is not really in option because she thinks there living a perfectly good life and doesnt want anything more she says "Freedom cant be given, only given" which means that she thinks that the freedom was given to them was not nessesery she thinks they had to deserve to be free

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Bear- Character analysis

- The bear in the story is the bad guy he wants to take over everything and control everyone

- The bear represents suddaam Hussein because both are taking over

- To the bear freedom doesn't really mean much because his main priority is to be the leader in the book he says "My name is Fajer, by the by. I'm the main man of the house" which means he was in charge and he controlled everything and because of that he got attacked

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Noor- Character analysis

-Noor is the character that is very ancteus character that wants to be free very badly

-Noor is the shia Iraqi (Wants freedom from Hussein) opposes the sunnis

-Freedom to Noor is very important because she wants to be free very badly so she finally gets to be and says "This place might not be perfect, but its better then the alternative" which meant Noor didn't really expect the outside to be like how it was but it was better then living in a cage.

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Zill-Character analysis

-Zill is the father figure in the story he doesn't like living in the zoo he liked living outside where he lived before

-Zill is the father figure/Iraqi citizen

-Freedom to zill is a good thing because he wants to go back to living like he did before and he says "The horizon doesn't matter, Ali not now, anyway a spectacular view is nice, but eating more then once a week is a rarity in the old days which meant being free is better but you will nit get all the necessities

Turtle-Character analysis

-The turtle is a very angry person in the book he hates the zoo keepers because they took everything of his away

-The turtle is the wise old man (understands what is going on but lost his family so no longer cares)

-Freedom to the turtle doesn't really matter because he has no one to live with and is very old and has no interest

-In the book the turtle says "They're just, what you call em... symbols, you know walkers never say what they mean" which meant he doesnt trust anyone because they say something and never do it

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Antelope-Character analysis

-The antelope is the character that thinks they wont get free and has no faith

-The antelop is the terrified citizen (citizens who are to stand up to hussein in anyway

-Freedom to the antelope is not really an option to the antelope because she thinks there is no way that they will be free and says "we either live apart, or die together" which means even if they escape the will be apart or will eventually will be killed so there's really no option

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Freedom to me means the freedom of doing things in your own power and not being controlled by someone else. Ways that i'm free is because first of all the country i live in is a free country, i have the power to display my rights and i'm not controlled by one main person ruling the country. I not free because i still have my parents who control me.

Brian K. Voughan tells this story from the animals perspective because its a different type of way to display what freedom is because the animals in the story were not treated fairly and were stuck in cages which put a different perspective on us and the story.

Using animal characters is more effective because it shows how the animals lived in the zoo also it put a different perspective on the story because usually its humans that are in the story but when you use animals it will show there point of view and how they feel in the story which puts a whole new meaning on the person reading the book and makes it more interesting.

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