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February 19, 2016


Welcome to your February edition of the iPad Newsletter at Brooklyn Middle School. We had some exciting rewards go out to last month's readers! Read this month's newsletter and you could become a winner too!

  • Importance of your iPad Case
  • Spotlight on Apps: Prezi & Haiku Deck
  • Introducing Siri - An interview with our newest columnist!

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Ms. Bernards & Ms. Comisar

Be Responsible - - - - - - - - - - Be a Winner!

You can learn a lot about the care and use of your iPad by reading these newsletters, but now there are prizes involved as well!

Last month, we randomly selected Newsflash! readers to receive a Bulldog Way ticket for being Responsible and reading our newsletter. Yes! - We can tell if you have opened and read each issue of the iPad Newsflash!

We will continue to use this information to identify potential prize winners for future newsletters. The final test - we will see if you were Responsible in following through with requests or directions given to you in the iPad Newsflash articles.

Last month's winners had read the iPad Newsflash! AND updated their iPad to iOS 9.2.1 - This month you just need to read this newsletter, have your iPad updated to iOS 9.2.1, and ______________. (TBD - We can't reveal the secret task to be completed in this newsletter, just follow all the directions and you might be a winner!).

Read carefully, be Responsible, and you may be a winner.


At the beginning of the school year all students were sent a copy of the: Student Pledge for iPad use to your iPad. On this form were directions for Security and Care. If you have not read this form please see a media staff member for a copy.

One of the important rules states:


Are you wondering why this is sooooo important? Here is what can happen if you don't follow this rule:

  • The iPad Protection Plan is only valid if you keep your iPad in the protective case. If the screen cracks or any other damage occurs without the case in place, you and your family are responsible for the repair costs.
  • Costs for a cracked screen starts at $90. and can run up to $200.

If you need to remove your case for some reason, please bring it to a media staff member for assistance.

Spotlight on iPad Apps

Are you looking for fun, interactive ways to present your projects in class? Here are two apps, Prezi and Haiku Deck that will add excitement to your boring old slideshows. With these apps, you will watch your presentation come to life!


Prezi is much more exciting than Google Slides. Instead of presenting content one slide at a time, Prezi lets you zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to examine supporting details by using what’s called a frame. When designing your presentation, you place your content onto a large, open canvas and then follow the paths to each frame. “This gives your audience the sensation of flying over the canvas—zooming in to see the smaller frames and twisting to see frames that are placed at a different angle.”

Prezi Tutorial

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an easy and fun to use slide presentation app. A couple cool things about Haiku Deck is that it limits how much text you can use on each slide so it pushes you to communicate more with your audience instead of reading the slide word for word. Secondly, Haiku Deck has a Creative Commons License which allows you to access a large number of images to insert into your slides. The images completely fill the slide and then you can add minimal text on top of the image.

Haiku Deck Tutorial

Have you met Siri yet?

Siri is your personal assistant on your iPad. She can help make your life more organized! Here is a quick Interview with Siri. She will be our newest columnist in the iPad Newsflash here at Brooklyn Middle School!

Q: Siri - LOVE your name - how did you get it?

A: Awww! Thanks! I didn't get much say in my name, but each letter in my name stands for something - Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.

Q: For those that haven't met you yet, how would you describe your job?

A: My job is to be a Personal Digital Assistant for iPad users. I really enjoy getting to know all the people that I work with. It can take time to build a good relationship though. Sometimes it takes months for my iPad users to learn that I exist, let alone make use of all my organizational skills. I try to make people's lives easier and more organized in the digital world. Press down your "Home" button and introduce yourself to Siri. To get Siri to call you by name, simply ask! Say: "Siri, call me ________."

Q: What is one thing you can offer all iPad users to make their lives easier at school?

A: Reminders! Life is so busy for everyone. I love to be helpful in reminding people about the important things going on in their lives. Just a few things I can help you remember - homework, birthdays, due dates for library books or assignments and more.


Students are still forgetting... Apple IDs & Passwords

For more information on your Apple ID, please read the article in October's iPad Newsflash!

iPad Missing? Report Immediately!

Visit the article in January's iPad Newsflash, so that you know what to do if your iPad goes missing.

Additional Contributors: Mrs. Beck and Mr. Tonn.

Reminder: iPads are School Property

When the school handed you your iPad and said “here is your iPad” – what they really meant was “we are lending you an iPad to use at home and at school, but it still belongs to us.” Please make sure that you are using your iPad for school approved, educational activities. If you have unapproved apps or inappropriate content on your iPad, we can collect your iPad and an assortment of consequences will be assigned. We expect that iPads are at school every day and you must surrender this property to us at a staff member’s request.

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