Carkenord Chronicle

Health and Safety Edition

Principal's Message.

As you may have read in Mr. Edoff's message on Wednesday, many of our schools have been spending a great deal of time investigating numerous incidents in our buildings involving false safety concerns or threats. I want you to know that we here at Carkenord are taking all reports very seriously. I am reaching out to you, our parents, to please help us by talking to your children about the seriousness of making comments that are threatening. Teachers are going to be holding class meetings to remind students of this, but hearing it from home as well will help us to have a home-to-school connection sharing the same information.

The other topic that I would like to address is bullying. It is so important that students who see bullying happening, or who are experiencing any form of bullying report this information to an adult. We do not tolerate bullying behavior, but if we do not know that something is going on, we are not able to help make it stop.

Carkenord's Response

As a school staff, we have met and brainstormed ideas to be proactive and to promote positive behavior and relationships. We want positive relationships student-to-student as well as student-to-staff. We want students to feel safe and cared for while they are at school. As I mentioned in the December Chronicle, we are working to do monthly lessons with our students. So far we have discussed the concept of respect and compassion. In January, our topic will be friendship. Throughout the remainder of the year, we will focus on accepting differences, conflict resolution, and perseverance. In May, we will review all of the themes learned throughout the year.

In addition, each classroom now has a Buddy Classroom. Teachers will bring students together to read together, do activities together, or even complete our character lessons together. The purpose of this is to build community within our school.

Teachers have also been asked to hold classroom meetings to discuss bullying and mean behavior and the importance of reporting these kinds of things to an adult so we can help make the behavior stop.

Student Cell Phones and Communication Devices

Student use of school telephones is carefully monitored and generally discouraged. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to complete after-school arrangements, homework, books, treats, notes, lunches etc. prior to arrival at school.

· Cell phones, smartwatches, and other communication devices, if brought to school, must remain turned off and in the student’s backpack.

· If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail, send an email requesting a phone call, or leave a message in the school office. Phone calls are not transferred to the classrooms during instructional time.

Cell phone use, including texting parents, communicating through smartwatches, or other devices is not permitted during the school day.

If students are posting threatening posts through social media, whether when they are home or at school, they will be held accountable for their actions. Please be sure to talk to your child about the appropriate use of any social media as well as the expectations regarding cell phones at school.

Student Consequences

Whenever students have been found to have used aggressive behavior, there are consequences for their actions. We use progressive discipline which means we look at what the act was, as well as the number of instances in which a student has previously acted in an aggressive manner, and then follow the code of conduct to make decisions about what the specific consequence will be. We are not able to share with parents information regarding the discipline of a student who is not their own child.

Talking with your child

Thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter. We ask that you help us by talking to your child about choosing their words wisely and reporting bullying or mean behaviors. With your help, we will strive to keep Carkenord a safe place for all of our Coyotes!
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