November 5, 2018

Help us Honor our Veterans!

Please see the note emailed last week about honoring our veterans. We'd love to include your family members and friends that have served our country! Thank you!

Upcoming Events:

Nov 4th--Daylight Savings Time Ends--Set clocks back an hour

Nov 6th-RDR Meets Afterschool

Nov 7th-Character Trait--Cooperation--Wear Brown

Nov 9th-Specials Day--Tuesday

Nov 14th--Paraprofessional Educator Day

Nov 15th--Author Steve Harpster to visit 2nd-5th Grade

Nov 15th--First Grade Author Night with Steve Harpster 5:30-7:00


Bully Prevention Information

“Report bullying anonymously through the Katy ISD Bullying Tip Line.”

“Need help using the Katy ISD Bullying Tip Line? Check this out.”

“Do you know how to recognize bullying behavior? Watch this video.”

“Katy ISD has rigorous bullying prevention policies. What are they?”

“There is no place for bullying in Katy ISD. Check out this video that describes physical and
verbal bullying.”

“Cyberbullying has no place in our schools. See what it may look like.”

“What is social bullying?”

Tardy Information--Arrival Procedures--Please Help!

Please remember that students are counted tardy if they are not in class at 8:20. With the change in weather, we have noticed more students arriving late. We will continue to move traffic as quickly as we can in the parent pick-up line, here are some things you can do to help us:

*Have all students exit the vehicle on the passenger side.

*Encourage students to be ready to exit as soon as the car is stopped.

*Move ALL the way up until directed to stop.

*Please do not "follow" your student in your car all the way to the door. Pull away.

Please DO NOT PARK on E. Ventana Parkway in front of the school and then walk students up to the school. This creates congestion on the two-lane street and causes slower traffic and unsafe traffic flow. We are working with Harris County and Katy ISD Police to have this area designated as a "No Stopping" area.

Our number one priority in the morning is having all of our students in their classrooms safely by 8:20am. We appreciate your help!

Lunch Visitors Please Read!

Seating at lunch is extremely limited in our cafeteria for visitors due to continued increases in student enrollment.

Limit visits to birthdays or a maximum visit of once per week

Visitors limited to a maximum of 3 per student and must be persons who meet KISD visitor guidelines for elementary students.

Lunch visitors are restricted to parents/step-parents/guardians, non-school aged siblings, grandparents (with written permission from the parent) and campus mentors per GKC (REGULATION). Visitors do not include aunts, uncles, or neighbors.

Avoid Mondays, Fridays, and days before holidays, whenever possible.
Sit side by side at the visitor tables to provide maximum seating availability
Visitors must sit with their child only at a table designated for visitors
Due to Safety Rules, and guidelines from the Fire Marshall we cannot allow visitors sitting on the floor
Since our first obligation is to provide optimal seating for students, we will continue to monitor the number of visitors at lunch. If we continue to experience overcrowding with lunch visitors, we will consider implementing additional guidelines to ensure adequate seating during student lunches. We are hopeful that if all parents follow the requests listed above, our school will continue to have daily seating available for all who wish to have lunch with their child/ren. Thank you for your patience as our Bethke family continues to grow.

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PTA Information and Website

If you still have fundraising packets, please return them to the school. We appreciate all of your support!

As soon as pre-order shirts come in, we will send a message so you will know they are on the way home with your student.

We will be having a Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night on Tuesday November the 6th from 4-8!

Did you know we currently have 350 PTA members? Our PTA wants to have at least 500 by November 1st. Have you joined? Forms can be found at the school or you can join online at the PTA Website!

Bethke PTA Website:

Bethke Staff Shout Outs!

We have a wonderful staff here at Bethke. Why not give a "Shout Out!" to a staff member who deserves celebrating? Click on the link below!

"The strength of the Bison is the Herd, and the strength of the Herd is the Bison! "