In Cold Blood

In Depth on the Investigator Alvin Dewey

General Knowledge

  • Born September 10, 1912 - Died November 6, 1987
  • In Kingman County, Kansas
  • Married to Marie Louise Bellocq
  • Two children (Alvin the 3rd and Paul)
  • Worked for Garden City Police Department
  • Turned investigator in 1951

During the Cutter Murders

  • Friend of Herb and Bonnie Clutter.
  • Sacrificed physical and mental health for the six weeks during the investigation.
  • As portrayed in the novel, we learn the mixed emotions through the search, arrest, and trial of the two killers.
  • Troubled over the fact "how two individuals could reach the same degree of rage...[that] it took to commit such a crime."

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